Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No more dry bones around here!! July 3rd

Okay so the Lord has been dealing with me to SHUT UP...and Dont SPEAK UP unless it is faith filled and positive. We don't realize the power of the spoken word over our lives!!

So today I made a list of things I am going to profess in Jesus Name over my Life and say it 2 times a day. I will read it until memorized.

Then Sunday Night...What does God do? Hit me over the head again with it again- Pastor Watts preached on "Never say Giant". That you will look through the account of David and Goliath and he never called him a Giant. Last Night- I go to my daily reading and guess what the subject was again- Speak to the DRY BONES!! IF you can SPEAK LIFE into dry bones. You can speak LIFE into your circumstance. AND HONEY I have Got some circumstances that need life!!

Anyway- Have a great Fourth of July!! Rebuke the Dry Bones in your Life and have a FAITH FILLED WEEK!!!

...AND don't speak the word GIANT!!

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Melinda said...

So funny. In our Youth Group (expat community) since January we've been working on this, and I find myself going "Words of life Babe. Words of life." to myself and everyone else all the time... (Annoying? Yes. But don't worry, I get it back!)