Wednesday, May 02, 2012

7 minutes, 3 conversations, and a tongue licking kleenex

I ran into Walmart today to get graduation cards and Fabuloso. I know you all have always wondered how I look so great- and now you know my secret. Fabuloso!  Okay gullible and confused friend (all one of you) it is really a cleaning product- not a magic face-lift potion!

Within 7 minutes of being there I heard:

1. Woman calling someone to ask if Susie (not her real name) had gotten a hold of him as her boyfriend Fred (not his real name) needed $100.00 to pay the bondsman to get Fred out of jail. I thought about telling her to drop her phone- run to the back of the store- buy a game of monopoly - grab the "Get out jail free" card- and she would be all set. But alas I was not sure if she had played the game of monopoly before. I have had one too many jokes crash that way.

2. Woman standing by entrance of Walmart cleaning her husbands eyes out with a Kleenex she had just licked. (Yes this is too gross to even be made up). She told him - you have got to start waking up before 2 PM. Too many things to say on this one. I will move on.

3. Man and women in cleaning aisle talking about shower cleaners. He stops and looks at her and loudly says to her- Stop passing gas in Walmart. Yep he went there. I did not.  I turned my card and headed in the clean-air portion of the store.

Oh- why-can't-there-be- a-Target- in- my- City??

Happy Wednesday friends.


Paula said...

Oh, how I wish I was with you in Walmart. I have great memories of shopping at Walmart with you...and this blog reminds me why. You attract the most exciting people!! :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Just think of all the blogging material you would miss if you had a Target in your city.

Angie said...

I can see it all n my head. No wonder you had lick on the brain!