Monday, April 30, 2012

Band-Aids, Hurt, and Sporks in the eye

I was reminded today that God is just like a Flexible Band-Aid. Not only does he heal, strengthen, and wrap us in his Love.... He also sticks by us and does not let go in times of moving and shaking. He is the flexible God that goes right through the storm with us.  Even when we can't hear his voice- we can feel his love. 

How many times have we had a horrible scrape on the knee? Flesh torn, blood pulsing out of dirty skin, and dirt embedded in fresh wounds? What do we do? We find our parents- cry- and look for hugs. Mom quickly pulls out the squeaky metal Band-Aid can, pulls the red little paper, opens it up and goes to work. She sings softly as sh cleans the wound, blows on it- and then puts the healing cloth right on the perfect spot. Feeling her love and assurance we feel restored enough to run back outside and play with our friends. 

We don't see the healing.  We can't pin-point the exact moment when we were healed.   We don't inspect it every second- but before long we notice it does not hurt as bad anymore. Before long we have forgotten how we hurt our knee.  It is time to remove the worn edged Band-Aid to see fresh skin, healing, and a tiny scar.

Our hearts? Now that is a little different story. That is often a slow heal. The band-aid does not show. Many times the cut is so deep it will cause you to feel as though you are taking your last breath. But one thing is for sure- in each second of the process he is with us. The days when you scream. The days when you cry. The days when you feel like you can't catch your breath. The days when you just stare out into the distance and wish it were all a dream. The days when the covers won't come off your head. The days when even the sunlight does not shine over your house, your bedroom, or your car. The days when if one more person smiles, ask you how you are, or gives you that sympathy look you will stick a spork in their eyeball just to make them go away. Even on those days - in the heat of the process- He is there. 

I prayed for you today.
I don't know all that you are going through...
But I do know a lot of about the process
I can promise you
Every person's timing is different
Every application of HIS band-aid is for a different situation

But without a doubt you can lean on this verse. The only thing that makes sense in a process - "Lo, I am with you always...." Matthew 28:20

Praying for a Matthew 28:20 Revelation in your life today.  


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Kelley said...

Beautiful post, girl!