Friday, April 27, 2012

Great Blog Found- and prayer needed!

I happened yesterday upon a great blog- written by a great young lady that needs prayers. Can you pop over to her blog and let her know you will be praying for her? Great writer. She is a positive person in the midst of a storm. I am cheering for her.

Love you all-C


Debbie Simler-Goff said...

Sister Cyndi,

Have you been to Ghana? I thought I found out about you through Nick and Pam Siscoe, but now I can't remember... :/

I certainly will check out this writer that you suggest.

Be blessed. We are planning on going to Ghana for the first time in 2013... :)

Cylinda Nickel said...

Awesome. Yes I spoke at their ladies conference last January. Love Ghana, the Siscos and Colleen!