Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stage Fright

I guess I truly can't explain my lack of blogging these past few months other than two words- Stage Fright.

I have this same dream over and over when under pressure. I am to be in a play. Everyone around me has on their costumes, their lines have been memorized, they are in places. I however am dressed in my every day clothes, I don't know where to stand, and I know that I have not even looked over my script much less memorized it. Regardless of my lack of preparation the curtain opens and I wake up - freaking out. Some wake up right after I open up my mouth- and -Nothing. Sometimes I wake up when the curtain opens.

Somehow the more I choose to not blog- the more I feel I have lost my footing- the fear of the curtain opening. But I chose to ignore it and taking the plunge. OH for the love of Pete Cylinda please stop blogging about blogging. Okay- 'nough said.

The girls were not happy to head to bed tonight- oh the dread of the first day back at school. I can still remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach when vacation and lazy days were over. My girls have taken full advantage of their last hours of vacation and have kicked into not moving mode!

So nothing going on here- I am getting my lessons ready for the MK class at BOTT which starts in two weeks, have been getting caught up on other MK lovely items, we are closing on a house in two weeks, and I have not packed box 1. 

Seanna and I were in the picture taking mode the other night so to liven up this lame excuse for a blog entry I will close with some of our handy work. For those of you that are in my age category no references to Sally Jesse Rafael needed. Thanks!


Girly Muse said...

never fear, my always have something to say and we always want to hear however it comes, we'll take it. xoxo

Ang said...

wow! someday we should compare stress dream notes. i have things like my teeth falling out, etc. same resulting feeling - silent scream. best wishes with the blogging. go, sally!