Friday, April 08, 2011

Sugar, Ducks, and one handed TP roll changing- I am a talented lady!

I am sneaking away from my job of re-doing our website to post some stuff on here.

1. I think that I have been failing at blogging. I think it is because I have not wanted to be transparent lately. I hate when I go to prayer though and the Lord tells me to continue to be transparent. So I should be blogging more. Lets be real- bloggers live for comments (we are just that strange) ....I get discouraged for some reason when I see that 150-175 people read a post and then only 1 person or a spammer will comment. Kind of a drag. I love chocolate feedback.

2. I have a Spanish/English Bible Study that I do on my lunch hour on Thursdays. It grows every week. I brought three shiny chairs this week and I always bring desserts- do you think that is why they come? I am humbled to be able to do this. The things that these women have lived with or lived through amazes me. One has a husband that was in Jail in NM and now in Mexico. One has a husband that works away in another state. She is not from the US so misses her family in the other country. One has a husband who has disappeared and she does not know where he is. One has a husband that lives here and works on the base. She is from Peru, lived most of her life in Japan, and now in our tiny city. They all speak Spanish. One speaks Spanish/English and Japanese. One is from here. Has several children and is not excited about what we are doing or Jesus {Yet} but we will keep loving here. So that is the ladies that are in the nest right now. Can you pray for them? They all need strength.  

3. Some of you have asked how I am doing at my reducing. The house is doing great- really streamlined. I have gotten rid of TONS of stuff. The garage has not started yet. I am slower. I am off of diet coke (only one per day and now not even every day). I am drinking water and walking 6 days a week. I have re-signed up for weight watchers and have gotten rid of all of the horrible snacks in the house. I have only lost 5 lbs. But hey that is 20 sticks of butter. Lighten up people. I can't stop myself with the play on words today.

4. Kidzlife is going full steam. We are in the midst of practicing for an Easter Play. Not ready to be too transparent on how I pull out my hair with plays yet. Maybe the Lord will work on me more. It is going great and I love it. Read between the lines :) Really the kids are doing great. They are really really put 100% into it. Amber Holden is a God-send and she amazes me at how she really gets them to sing until the veins pop out of their neck.

5. I don't know why I think so many things are funny that no one else does. I have all of these fake scenarios that play over in my head and I just laugh. I think I have always done this to entertain myself as I was raised in the mission field and a lot of my life was spent waiting on Mom and Dad without much to entertain me. My friend Alan totally gets my weird sense of humor and a couple of other people (that I think are amazing). This week for example I was thinking of gross things that I could say I hold the world record in. You know things like:  

A. Vacuuming up 3 pounds of sugar the fastest. I can even give you a class in this if interested. Handbook is an extra $4.50. Online seminar at

B. The fastest Advent calender window opener. Does not include eating goodies if you have them in the box.
C.  Able to change out toilet paper with one hand while talking on the phone faster than anyone in my house. I did this the other day and caught myself throwing away the new one and putting the old tube back on. My mind= steal trap!Seminars not available yet for this. Working on curriculum.

D. Able to sustain 6 ducks in one paper box for 4 nights now and they are almost dead. doing great. Really they are living in my kitchen in a box. My parents are out of town and I am duckling-sitting for them. They get released to the lake in 18 days. But whose counting?Let's be real 1700 newspapers later- I AM!

E.  Able to lose all of my children's sock partners in a single wash. I am thinking of the whole family dressing in Amish style clothing so that I don't have to match socks. Is that drastic?

Okay. I am going back to work. I just had to stop and share these things or my brain just might explode. Doubtful.... but who wants to chance it?

Website of the Week: 

1. If you have kids that can log onto the computer for themselves. Please go to it will change your life. You put your kids daily jobs in there. They log in complete task and can save money for family outings, buying things on Amazon, giving to charity, or just put in savings. It is free people. WHAT DOTH HINDER YOU? Seanna is 197% into it. Emma sat in the middle of the floor and cried and said I might as well take her Birthday toys back to the store she will NEVER HAVE TIME TO PLAY. Yep Drama at our house.

 Have a great weekend. I am heading out to Houston in the AM to return in the PM. Going to MK Naomi Edge's wedding.


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Girly Muse said...

Oh so many things to laugh at in this post...

First off, I have to say that the reason you MIGHT not want to be transparent might go hand in hand with cutting out Diet Coke. If you're like me getting off Coke or coffee, you just want to crawl in a corner and DIE. Kudos to you for cutting way down on it and for walking!!! Wow, girl! That's great!!!

I sent my child today in two different color socks~ it's what happens when none of the socks match and you give up trying and they come crying saying they have no socks and you say, Sure you do! and hand them a mismatched set...

I love you. You can blog as much or as little and I will love you ever bit as much. Praying for you. Laughing at..I mean WITH you! I think you're absolutely wonderful just as you are. XO

Kathy McElhaney said...

I'm a stalker who doesn't always comment, but I always read your posts!

Yeah on the 20 sticks of butter! Do you like the new WW? It's worked for me, except this week ;)

And are your parents out of Town or truly out of Down? and that's why you're raising the ducklings...

I might just sign myself up to the job chart to answer the question "What do you do all day?"

Paula said...

Loved "catching up" on your life. Soon we'll sit down and REALLY catch up!!! Yay!!! Diet Coke? I'm proud of you, girl!!! Wish I had the same willpower for chocolate. Ha! This week was not a good week for me on sweets/unhealthy snacks. Ugh.

Sounds like you've had some experience with the vacuum?? :) :) How about separating salt from pepper? Any tips on how to do that? A few weeks ago, I was supposed to dump a teaspoon of black pepper into the mixing bowl, instead I dumped it into the salt canister. Hmm. Amazing how much a teaspoon is! I decided to just leave it...I'm slowly using it up in things that require salt AND pepper. :P :)

Have a good trip to Houston! Love you!

Renee said...

You started my day off right! Great to catch up, and to be inspired. Water, Walking, Weight, "W" the new "mean" letter? :) Note: I've now commented 2 times in one week! Is that worth free entrance to the TP seminar when it's ready? Love you!

Barbara said...

Just want you to know I love you and your blog! I even have it added to my list of blogs so I know when you post a new one. It's a cool ap called bloglovin. God bless you, you are awesome, thanks for being transparent.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. You sure know how to make a gal feel great :) Have a blessed week!

VDR said...

Cylinda, Cylinda....I am so glad you have started blogging again. I love reading your blogs--so what if I don't always understand them. I have them coming into my e-mail through RSS Feeds so I don't always go online and see your pretty page, but I do read....

Thanks for all you do for the MK's. You are the greatest!

Love reading your blogs and love it that you are my friend.

Cylinda Nickel said...

You are so sweet VDR- love you much and thanks for your kind words! Hugs from me to you~