Friday, April 15, 2011

No Don't Pray it....

I had my little lunch time Bible study lesson ready. It was a fun and quirky one that would make the ladies like me. I felt so cool as I hit the hay on Wednesday night. Then at 3 AM- the Lord woke me up and said- you are to teach on patience. Really? - Lord this has to be a dream. He stopped me and gave me a couple of scriptures that went with it.

I woke up to do another lesson on the topic "God why are you taking so long?". The lady who helps interpret had to keep stopping to regain her composure- she was crying so much. The presence of God flooded into that living room. The Lord- as always knew what he was doing.  The new lady asked I could teach part two of that next week. I thought part 2? I have a really fun and cool lesson for next week already planned. The Lord jabbed me in the ribs- and I quickly said- sure I would love to do part two.

One of the things about patience is that we don't want to pray for it. We are afraid we will be hit across the head with 1250 trials as soon as the prayer escapes our lips. One of the ladies right before we closed in prayer said- No don't pray it. I said pray what? She said- for patience. I was not about to. I stopped and slowly prayed- Lord- give us the grace to go through what you have planned for us this week. Help us to know that when things are piling up- you are in control and you will help us.

Love when he interrupts my plans and my day. Especially when I was walking out the door and one lady said to the other one in Spanish- now that was a great lesson- it was what I really needed this week. Humble pie table for one please. Thanks God for keeping me on my toes and actually helping me to help others and for insisting that I put aside that horrible lesson that I thought was "it".

IS. 40:31  Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with 
wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.


Renee said...

Beautiful! Are you sharing your outlines:) Or are you publishing a book we can all buy and help make you rich and famous? :)

Savannah Forsythe said...

AMAZING!!! I just want you to know that every time that I have ever heard you speak about anything, whether it was at the church, in class, or just riding in the car to Target, God always has givin you the right words to say. I appreciate you and am proud to have been able to spend time with you!

Cylinda Nickel said...

You all are sweet. Renee- don't know it would be worth much :) I can of course send you any notes I have. Savannah- those were great days for me. Honored to spend time with you and so proud of what is he doing through your life!