Thursday, November 11, 2010

How did I get here?

Have you ever stopped- pulled open underwear drawer and found not a clean one staring back at you and said really loudly to a quiet house....

How did I get here? 

You get tired of tripping over Barbies, backpacks, bilingual Bibles, and ballet flats that need to be put away.

You greet your husband with a Holy nod as you walk by each other in the hallway.

You have your children wear name tags so you can remember who they are.

You write notes to yourself on your arm so you don't forget something and still drive back to your house to pick up the forgotten objects.

It is 30 degrees out in the morning and you realize you have never stopped to buy your children fall coats or long sleeve shirts that fit.

You are so busy texting people back you don't realize that you have entered into the men's changing room to try on clothes at Target.

You go to make your child's lunch the night before and find the bread bag consist of two end pieces. One of which is damp with some foreign object. You pick it up anyway hoping your daughter thinks the lunch meat was wet. You can't find any chip bags so you give her the lonely wheat thins 100 calorie pack that has been sitting in the snack drawer for 7 months. The only fruit left in the bowl are apples that have been gouged by unknown objects- but you quickly shove them in hoping she thinks it was just a rough bus ride. 

Yep- that has been my week this week. How did I get her? Well I know exactly how and why. But that would require another blog.

I just thought it would be great to get this out here in case you have had a week like this. Remember this. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE CHANGING LIVES FOR JESUS. And I don't know if this counts or not- but you are my friend. We will catch up later on all of this. I must needs see if the dryer has some much needed garments for me!


Riss said...

Heh. That feels like my entire semester. The fresh produce I have in my kitchen consists of apples, a couple bananas, half an onion, and one zucchini. WHAT can I make with THAT?

And I'm with ya on the empty unders drawer... Laundry calleth my name.

Girly Muse said...

oh bless your heart. yes. i relate to this SO much and i feel for you.

it's weeks like this that i put my purse in the freezer, fruit in my closet and accidentally flush my phone.

love you. praying for a rest...a supreme, supernatural PEACE, CALM and REST.