Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Gobs of books to read- they are flowing over the night stand.
Gobs of lessons to research- they are flooding over in my mind.
Gobs of dust bunnies who have found partners and are breeding all over the house.
Gobs of organization that needs to happen in Kidzlife for the fall.
Gobs of things to do for MK Ministries before General Conference.
Gobs of laundry to wash.
Gobs of laundry to put away.
Gobs of people to get back to.
Gobs of emails to answer.
Gobs of things that need to get back in their right place.

But today I am ignoring the Gobs and giving Gobs of love to my little girls.

I do realize that my oldest is only 11 and taller than me- and my youngest is 9 and is inching up to me- but they are my little girls- and today they needed their Mom.

Emma awoke with a stomach bug- that Seanna had on Saturday.
Seanna had a Drs. apt- that did not go as her head had imagined. She had a procedure done- and about passed out on me. Well she did go in and out- but not all the way out. She was the shade of paper and about made me turn into the shade of paper. I am so proud of her. She is a trooper!

I gave them each gobs of hugs, then found my rusted lemon recipe box and made them chicken and potato soup.

It is loaded with gobs of cream cheese and milk and chicken, and potatoes, and sour cream, and cheese, and gobs of love. I gave them piping hot soup with piping hot rolls, helped them get ready for bed and tucked them in and prayed over each of them.

I am now sitting on my bed and finding out that I have gobs of tears coming down and making my face wet.

I DO HOWEVER have GOBS of faith in a GOD that is so big he is going to make this mountain in a my mind a tiny mole hill.

As for the GOBS of work I have to do- guess what- it will still be here in the morning.

- This blog is sponsored by the letters G, O, B, and S.

Love you bloggy buddies. Thanks for being real in my life!


Girly Muse said...

Oh my sweet friend. I have gobs of love and compassion for you tonight. Praying gobs of blessings pour over you and you are able to sleep. XO

Michelle Palmer said...

Gobs of love and prayers being sent your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cylinda ~ You and the girls were in my thoughts last night and this morning. Gobs of love & prayers are coming your way! ~Tami~

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks you all- I know that God has this under control!

Danan said...

Adding to the GOBS~ Praying the Lord will cover you in GOBS of peace and blessings! Love you!