Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Smatterings of Life served on a paper plate - no forks needed

So lately .... life has been filled with a lot of movement in the Nickel household. Here are some of the smatterings of our days served to you on a paper plate. Why on a paper plate? Because I have enough dishes in the sink to put in the dishwasher okay?


Emma had a sleepover on Saturday night. Since we had several things going on that day - so the girls had turkey sandwich "Lunchables" for dinner. Her friend did not know if it would be okay to eat a "Lunchable" at dinner- but Emma assured her it would be Okay!

They then started to talk about my cooking habits-

Friend- So does your Mom usually do this?

Emma- No - my mom can cook.

Friend- What does she cook?

Emma- She is really great at cooking microwaving dinners.

Friend- Like what?

Emma- Like Weight Watcher meals.

Friend- You all eat Weight Watcher meals for dinner?

Emma- Yep and they are good!

At this point- I had melted into a puddle- I tried to ignore the person in my head that was shouting- Run in there and tell her you cook about 5 nights a week and it does not involve "Smart Ones"- but I got I just let it ride. I am sure that her friend had a new appreciation for her Mom when she returned home. BTW her MOM=AMAZING cook. Yep- Scoring high on the Mommy points!


Our weekends have been crazy for some reason in February. They involved Quiz Trips, Valentines Day Rose Sales, Out of town guest, our anniversary, and sick children.

Speaking of sick children- (no one is actually speaking- I am typing)

Seanna had a bruise on her left shoulder that we noticed on February 6th. The reason I even know the date is because she was going on a quiz trip. I gave her some anti-biotic cream and pretty much forgot about it.

A couple of weeks ago she said that she had a growth where the sore was. Well knock me over with a feather- she did have a growth, tumor, knot or something there. It was smaller than a quarter but larger than a nickel. (I don't know why I am using money to size it but it is already typed and I am not erasing it). It was roundish and hurt when you touched it. It did not hurt you- but it did hurt her.

We took her to the first Dr. and they did not know what it was or what to do. I took her to the surgeon on Monday and they said they wanted to remove it right away.

Let me preface that by saying- I had just told Seanna all the way to the Dr's office that she will not have to do anything that day but sit, smile, and listen. Now they were telling her about needles, knives, and stitches. She immediately broke down into tears. I tried to wipe my sweaty palms and remain positive. I asked if we could have a minute to discuss this.

I convinced Seanna that we should get this done. They knew what they were doing and began to try to bribe her with every good and imaginable thing she had mentioned she wanted in the past two weeks. We settled on a small prize, hand holding, and the surgery.

She did fine. Well as fine as a 10 year old can do while being cut open and awake at the same time. So that is not so hot. She kept going in and out (yep fainting) in the middle of surgery. The Dr. who was not ready for this- called in people to open doors, for me to fan her, talk to her, try to wake her up, give her a soda etc. Her hands plus my hands were so wet I could hardly hold them anymore. I am the most squeamish person in the first place- so when I see him cut into her shoulder I about loose it. I immediately begin to ramble about ..................dogs. Why? I don't know it was the first thing that entered my mind. Puppies and knives go hand in hand right?

I don't know how many stitches she had as I could not longer look. She stayed in there for about 1/2 hour and then was strong enough to walk out. I was uber proud of her. She was out of school on Monday and yesterday and is back today.


On Sunday we celebrated our 12th anniversary the way most couples do- we had dinner with our Kids at Carinos. I have the most handsome, wonderful, amazing, charming husband. What did I get after 12 years of marriage? An orange IPod Nano. Yep He loves me.


Speaking of love- You all are pretty much the best- Thanks for actually reading my silly blog and well for commenting, and being my friend!

Love you all-



Jessica said...

Love you..praying for're the greatest my friend. If you need me, just call, text, or send a smoke signal. Jess

Girly Muse said...

My goodness, it's been adventurous over there for sure! As usual, Emma gave us a good giggle. So sorry Seanna had to have surgery! Relieved it went without a hitch.

And way to go, 12 years...Nano. All of it....yippee. Orange, even. You done good...oh, the microwave's going off, your dinner's burning! :) heehee

Love you!

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Amy said...

OMW the weight watchers dinners- AWESOME!!! I love it!!

But I'm a little stressed over the surgery...did it turn out ok? Was the cyst nothing? sheesh lady...give us some more info! Need to know if I need to call in a prayer request for Sunday morning!! ha! :)


Paula said...

Woot! Love you...and as always love your blog!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Amy- the Cyst had burst in her shoulder- thus the large area- it is not cancerous- PTL. Thanks for the love and for asking. I will set out your own personal WW meal when you come to visit!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Vicki Thomas Simoneaux:

So, I read your blog and had tears puddle in my eyes. Why? because you are just one amazing person. Your family is so blessed to have YOU as their mom/wife/cook/story teller(puppies? really?)/care giver/encourager .... wow you really a super woman and I am doubly blessed to call you my friend!

JGP said...

Great blog!

amberle said...

wow cylinda! That is scary. I am glad everything turned out fine.

Alan said...

So glad everything turned out ok. I have eaten at your house and you are a great cook. No one microwaves those smart ones like you. Miss you guys bunches