Monday, March 08, 2010

Latest Emma-Isms

Emma had a quiz meet on Saturday. She is a Beginner Bible Quizzer. She told her coach during time out that she was sweating so much that she could hardly hold on to the buzzer. When the quiz was over she said I was sweating like a pig- if they would have given out an award for the person that sweat the most- I would have gotten it!

She actually did amazing- Her team was second place for the state and one quiz she got second highest scorer. She also made all tournament team. {This is what we call shameless bragging done by mothers}

She came home from school on Friday all excited. She and her friends formed a "band" during recess. She asked John if he could come at recess and be her bodyguard. She had asked another boy if he wanted to be the bands bodyguard and he agreed. Later another boy was laughing at him for being the bodyguard to the "band" so he quit. Emma thought if John would just come and be her bodyguard for a day or two she might be able to get another 3rd grader to agree- since he is so tall and cool. John is 6'8" in case you have not met him.

She came home today and told me she would not be able to just "chat" a lot with me because shew as having a stressful day. She had to do homework, write 3 songs, and memorize two verses. She said maybe we could talk after dinner. How long did that last- um about 1 minute.

Here is Emma's latest song that she wrote about Orphans- she is all into orphans right now and daily asks her dad if we can adopt-

I'm a small girl
In a large world
thinking of some things

Where shall I go
I have no home
In this world

But God can help me
He can show me
Where should I go?
I have no home

Nanananananana na
Nanananananana na

God can help me
find a place to stay now
A place called home


Kathy McElhaney said...

Love that girl! Bible quizzing is so awesome - our 8 year old niece is in her first year too. I haven't heard if she's been sweating!

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Girly Muse said...

I love her song! Little dreamy thing. I heart her.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Oh Cylinda! He song is so sweet. You need to save that in a memory book or somewhere that is not prone to eletronic crashes. Love you all!

Renee said...

Beautiful song! With talent like that, maybe John could be the bodyguard, and you could be the manager!

Amy said...

She sounds like such a crack up!!! and the song IS adorable and so sweet...but I have to admit, I about died laughing when I got to the Nannnaaaaaa part! awesome!!

And your husband is 6/8"?!? WOW! :)


Cylinda Nickel said...

Amy- You are 100% right- I was fine until the Nananana part- I had to look away and smile. She is very serious and sings and looks into your eyes for any reaction- which makes it harder :)

Thanks everyone for your remarks. Love your kiddos too-

Kathy- just to let you know I am trying to grow up and be like you- I am actually walking daily- one day I WILL RUN!

Michelle Emmett Palmer said...

I don't know her, but I think I love her :-)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Congrats on the walking! You can do it! I AM older than you, so running can be in your future...

I was thinking a little more about Emma's song, I think you should hook her up with Burton Garr at Tupelo Children's Mansion. ( I'm sure he'd love some original material for their next project!