Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Excuses....

SO I am so behind on my blog and I SO MISS being an active, fun, quirky blogger.

I have told myself one day I will get caught up and blog again daily. I have a list of reasons why I am behind - really I do. But who wants excuses?

I can only think back to my second year of college when my professor told those that were incessantly late. "Why are you always late? I will tell you why you are always late- you do what works for you. That is working for you. You are being selfish and inconsiderate of others." Hmmm

Followed by another quote that rolls around in my head from my Mother who proclaimed-
"You always find time to do the things you love." Hmmm

So in thinking over those to quotes I want to change, and I do love writing, and I will find time to blog...Not because you all are missing my blog- but because it is called my free therapy, and it is a record of things that happened when my girls get older. :)

Yesterday I had to get a presentation ready for the MK Pizza Bash at General Conference. It will involve about 200 pictures of MK that will be there. I had to go through my garage to FIND photo albums to find some of them at School of Missions when they were little cutie pies.

While looking for those albums I came across some scrapbooks that I did not even know that I had. One of them was made when I was in the 10th grade. I had a laugh at some of the pages. The things that I thought were so cool that I ripped out of my seventeen magazine. I didn't realize that I was a scrapper that long ago. Before scrap booking even became the thing to do. I was a keeper. I am no longer a keeper- I am a HUGE THROWER.

I almost went into a panic attack as I went through my garage box by box to find that tub-oh-photo albums. I have 10 photo albums that are pre-John days. They are from St. Croix, Wisconsin, St. Paul, Houston, Indiana, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and several islands of the Caribbean that I have lived in. That one plastic tub has such strong emotions attached to it. I opened up books yesterday that I had not looked at in years. I gasped as I saw how young, naive, and eager I was on so many levels. I left my parents for months at a time- often times not even knowing how to recognize the face at the other side of the customs line. I closed my little tub with only one revelation. I have the best parents in the world. Why? Because they loved me enough to let me go. To let me find myself, to let me explore, and to follow God's voice in my life. I only hope that in about 10 years I have the courage to let my two little precious ones do the same.

What happens when you have kids? You go into labor for approximately 24 hours and give birth to a little 6 or 7 pound bundle that marches around with all of your heart.

We let go daily and pray that we have impacted them enough to be men and women that God has called them to be.

Bye Bloggy Buddies- It's good to be home.


Girly Muse said...

Aw, welcome back. You've been missed.

It's hard to let go on a daily basis. My parents let me go over and over again too, and I realize more and more how hard that must have been for them. It hurts already to think of my kids doing the same.

But, alas, we must.

Hope things are going well over there. Love ya.

Paula said...

Love the blog! And I miss your blogs...they are good therapy for me, too. :)

Did you have all the pics you need for the MK thing? You have the ones from my FB page...did you need them in a bigger file size? Anything I can do....just let me know!

Love ya!

Jeanine said...

POWERFUL! It isn't easy letting them go but when you see God using them, the aching in your heart just seems to fade.
Thanks for the blog.

Love ya!