Friday, August 07, 2009

Great Sightings at Youth Congress.

So it is 12:28 and I am waiting for FB pictures to upload. I want the MKs that are not here to feel like they have shared a part- at least with the pictures. So I have been trying to get them uploaded daily- or as of tonight- Nightly.

So here are some of my great sightings....

1. 66 Mks at our MK luncheon today. We had 13 more that RSVP'd and did not make it. There is probably about 80 MKs here! Love every one of them.

2. A lady tonight that had a flower on her head- the size of her head. A huge white magnolia flower. What are we thinking people?

3. About 270 girls walking holding their 27 inch high heels in their hands (again with the ending of #2- what are we thinking?)

4. A girl whose skirt had rows and rows of pleats. She also had a zipper. In the back of the zipper was a huge gob of toilet paper that had been zipped into it. I was heading over to tell her- she turns around and sees me and gives me the "I am so cool you are not worthy to walk in my space" look. So I leave her be. Knowledge is power.

5. A six foot guy in a bright red suit- priceless.

6. Mks that I have not seen in about 5 years- that have gone from being kids to Teenagers. Can you say I feel old?

7. A great friend of mine reuniting with a love in her life. Awww, Sigh, Sniffle.

8. Old Bible School friends. Yes from all three Bible Schools. I don't know which Bible School most of the time- but still happy to see them.

9. Carla, Allison, Sharenda, Karen, Savannah, Kristen, Cyndy, Laura, Stephanie, Melinda, Candra, Amy, Carla, Kari, Kristen, Kaylin, Megan, and I am not going to name any others because I will get in trouble by missing someone- but so many great WOMEN- such a short time!

10. Tiffany- I love her guts. We wear the same outfits every conference or YC. So funny. Hey -what can I say we both have great taste. She IS CUTER!

11. 17,000 young people, adults, and chaperones singing and worshipping together. Seeing random people that don't know each other- stop and pray for the person next to them. The sound of that many people praising God together is well.....Goose bumps!

12. Seeing a group of 6 guys pray through a security guard (in the hallway) while service was going one. Pretty incredible.

13. Seeing random people take the mints that we had out at the booth and try to be sneaky about it. Some ways of doing it were the .....left to right quick look, snatch and run, others did the careful - I need to look at this mint, and then quickly shove it in their pocket. The best is the guy who I told - they were 1.00 each and he pulled out a dollar. I could have funded this whole trip on mints. What was I thinking?

14. Noticing how people really don't care about your booth. After church I came out to see this girl had hoisted her whole body- bare feet and all on the couch of our booth (really? Make yourself at home people). She did put her feet down when I came to re-arrange the pillow next to her TOES. But she did give me a nasty look. I am thinking with that attitude- she might have needed to have sat INSIDE. I am just saying.

15. The wonderful toothless man that helped us park in the $5.00 lot. I wanted to take him home with me and give him soup and hugs all night. He was about 77 and too wonderful for words.

16. The bored elevator worker who was dozing off as she pressed the buttons to get to the "EL" level. Again....I wanted to give her a blanket and a mini mattress but I was fresh out of them in my purse!

17. The girl that four people were carrying out on their shoulders because she did not want to quit praying. She was still crying and reaching out for God after most of the others had gone home.

18. My cutie pie nieces and my daughters laughing and giggling together. God is too good to me~ This is the stuff that memories are made of!

19. The sight of my bed- It is 12:50 and I am zoned out- Love you all!


Kandra said...

Missing everybody this weekend!!! Shout out to all my fellow Mks!

Paula said...

Thank you so much, Cylinda, for taking the time to put this stuff down on 'paper'.

Some of these are TOO funny!!!!


No. 5 -- did John find out where the guy bought his suit?? :)

No. 11 & 12 -- AWESOME!!

Love you, girl!!!

Kathy McElhaney said...

We were in Nashville last weekend celebrating my in-law's 50th anniversary and now YOU are in Nashville! Right place, wrong time! Would have loved meeting you in the flesh...;)

Savannah Smiles said...

This is good, I felt like I was there all over again!

Anonymous said...

FUN! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! - Brenda