Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really??? Is that you?

I find it interesting that when we meet people we instantly need to validate ourselves by stating:

~Who we know
~What we do for a living
~Where we have been
~What others think of us
~Our past accomplishments that have been rewarded by others

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone- someone new in your life and stopped yourself in the middle of adding another Me Moment in that conversation? So much of what we want to share of ourselves is just fringe.

I realize that within five minutes of getting to know someone we don't need to spill our guts and share our most horrible and wonderful secrets. There is a serving and a volleying that must take place; however I did feel the nudging of the Lord about my Me Moment Conversation recently.

I met someone recently and the Lord told me while talking to that person to keep my mouth shut. I did exactly that (wow amazing I know). It was intriguing how I could really read into, and get to know that person in about 15 minutes. I had kind of figured out their passions, their views on things, their priorities, their loves- all because I kept my mouth shut and listened. I did not try to think of interesting quips to respond to them, I did not try to entertain them so they would like me- I just listened.

I think it is also amazing that when we meet people we try to add of this greatness to our portfolio because we don't want others to see that we are just well- human. Really- aren't we all? Let's just be real. You are either going to click or not. Your spirits are going to jive or not. Let's just help one another, live for God together, and be there for each other.

This blog is not a note to you- but a huge reminder to me. As long as I am reminding myself of things- here is another tidbit of help- The Lord brings people into our lives so that we can minister and mentor them. Don't always look for people to entertain you, or for people that get your wacky sense of humor, or just want to be around you. That does not always happen. In fact it rarely happens. We have this bubble image in our mind that every one has a group of 500 friends that they rotate on a weekly basis. People work, they have families, they lead lives. Be grateful for those that God allows to march into your heart and leave their heart prints behind. Those are truly the special moments of life.

Last ramble. Take risk with people. Guess what....that lady that you see looking at you- the one that you can't figure out....she is just as lonely as you are. She is dying on the inside due to lack of friendship. Who are you or are to quantify and qualify her right out of your life.

I know, I know- kind of deep words for a Thursday morning- but I just didn't want to forget them.

Reach out. Spread your arms. Show love. Jesus spread out his arms of love- and changed the future of the world for all eternity.



Kathy McElhaney said...

This is SO good. Each paragraph hit home!!

pressonponderings said...

Thank you for the reminder to listen.

cltgrace said...

Thanks! I needed that.