Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why oh Why?

I don't understand why these things happen to me- other than I must amuse all of 2 of you that read my blog.

Sunday is Seanna's Birthday. I was rushing to get to school at lunch and take her cupcakes to her class. I had purchased a brown t-shirt the day before and had a tank top on under it. I ran to the car with my tank top on- shoved my shirt on over it as I placed the cupcakes in the back of the car.

When I got to school I saw the principal right away. He and I talked and I noticed he kept looking at the left side of my chest the whole time we were talking. I could not believe it. What was his problem? When I walked away I looked down and I had a huge clear XL sticker on my left side- right in a prominent spot.

Well I guess he now knows what size t-shirt I wear :)


Vicki said...

I am cracking up! should or should I not tell you what first came to my mind? oh do I or don't I? ok yeah, "X marks the spot!" don't you just love those moments though?

Paula said...


Okay, now that's funny!!! :D :D :D

Girly Muse said...


you were just giving him a good excuse :)

amberle said...

heehee....that's awesome, and so something that would happen to me.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Since I'm suffering jet lag from a red eye flight home, I thought I'd check out my favorite blogs. This was just the "Cylinda post" I needed!

And I found a new reason why I love you so much - you do things so much like my pastor's wife! These are the kind of things that happen to her (and she would kill me if I told any here), but she is also a loving, giving worker. Yep, makes me think of you.