Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Thoughts, Updates, and Words...

1. I have gone from being a regular daily blogger to a random blogger (which I said I would never do. Kudos to Lori Sabin who is a daily blogger. I remain jealous of her writing, her grasp of the English language, and her beautiful curly hair (which she hates).

2. We are moving to Arkansas in about 3-6 weeks. We have decided to put our house up for rent and for sale at the same time- whoever gets here first wins!

3. Sometimes I get tired of seeing people with their "Think Green" bags at the grocery store. I have the canvas bags too- just don't always bring them. When they look down on me and my tiny plastic bundles I want to snatch their little canvas bags out of their arms. Don't judge me.

4. Seanna had yet another meltdown at Wal-mart. This is just another sign that I need to stay away from that store. She left to go to the bathroom. I told her that we would not leave our aisle. She remained gone for 30 minutes. Emma at that point was sobbing just knowing that someone had taken her sister. Seanna was fine- just needed longer time in the bathroom. She then was crying because Emma was crying. They were both sobbing by the soap dispenser and another lady looked at me and shook her head at me- like I had done something to both of them.

5. Yesterday while at my wonderful Dr. Apt- I was taken to the same room where I was told that I had lost the baby. My blood pressure and pulse were through the roof. I could not calm myself down. When I was leaving the office I sat down in the lobby for a minute. I was sitting next to a pregnant lady that was about to have her baby at any second. I looked over at her and she had a pink and purple folder with ribbons and kitties on it. This was such a funny and odd sight to me that I had to leave immediately. I did not want the lady to think that I was laughing at her. I think the Lord send the hugely pregnant lady with the strange folder just to cheer me up- Thanks God- I needed that.

6. I have been without a laptop that works for the past two weeks. I got my laptop on Saturday and worked on transferring files for the past two days. I find out last night that when the person put Microsoft Windows on it- he wiped out everything else- as in my video, sound, camera etc. This is non-essential to work stuff- but frustrating. I went to bed at 12:30 AM and tried not to think about it.

7. Seanna turns 10 on Sunday- double digits. Where has the time gone? She acts like she is 15 but still- my little girl- 10. She is opting for Olive Garden and wants an Nintendo DSI. She is always organized and concise about her Birthdays. I miss her being little.

8. Emma fell 5 times yesterday. Yes I counted. I could not figure out why she kept coming in with bloody knees, scrapes, asphalt burn etc. I went outside. She was using her scooter to go down a steep hill. She thought it would be cool.

9. Textured walls makes my skin crawl. It freaks me out. Why can't we all have smooth walls?

10. I tried to help a Sr Citizen take her cart back at the Grocery Store this past week. She looked at me and said- What you think I can't push a cart? It has wheels.

11. I am going to the Dominican Republic next week to see my Brother and his family. I leave on Tuesday and come back on Friday Night like at 11:30 at night. The next day is the Church's Family Fun Day- then Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday. Crazy busy week- but I need to see my brother.

12. It makes me sad that more people read my blog daily than read www.upwithmks.com.
What to do? Ideas? When I post I get about 100 readers daily- Upwithmks gets about 30-40 per day. I feel like I am failing.

13. I am scared of floral couches.

14. Onetime I fell asleep on a couch covered with plastic and woke up and I was stuck to the couch. It was in Nevis and I was 8 years old. I later drank a sprite in a bottle and remember that I was dripping with sweat.

15. I never look at people in caskets. I look at the lid and that is it. I step back a little bit and most people don't know. Now- my secret is out.

16. I am allergic to pineapples, strawberries, all seafood and freshwater fish. This all happened when I was 23. I carry an epi-pen as my throat closes up. When my body was developing this allergy one time I ate shrimp fried rice at a mall and passed out. I came to to find a crowd and mall security trying to revive me. I did not know where I was. I was late to get back to my job at the Fort Buchanan.

17. It freaks me out when adults that are in love talk "baby" talk to each other.

18. Just say no to comb-overs

19. I love the word amazing. I know this because now I have an 8 year old and an almost 10 year old that say it all of the time.

20. God amazes me. He really does. I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the idols of our own expectations we miss out on what he really has for our lives. Lay down the idol already- he is going to blow your socks off. {Or flip flops whatever you wear}.


Kathy McElhaney said...

I love your blog no matter when you update it. You bring a smile, often make me laugh out loud, and truly make me think.

Points 2-20 are examples!!

Praying for your house to sell or rent to the perfect person that God has already chosen. And praying that your move will go smoothly.

amberle said...

I love your blog, and you are not a failure.....I read upwithmks

You have a burden for a group of kids that tend to get looked over....not intentionally, but in reality, they do.

There are many things in this blog I can relate to. Maybe one day we can get to know each other better (rather than just through blogs, and mk ministries) and we can talk.

Love you girl, and I think you are amazing!

Lisa Ball said...

Oh my goodness, Cylinda-we are so alike. Kinda scary but actually really amazing!!

I did not know about the baby. I'm very sorry. When did that happen?

Riss said...

Thanks for the "brain-break." I needed a little break from all the stress and seriousness of my class. You're my hero for Tuesday! =) Love ya. Love your blog! Give the girls a hug for me.

Girly Muse said...

You are an awesome writer, so real and caring. We're just glad to read anything you write, whenever you write it.

OK, thank you, first of all. :)

I'm thrilled you get to go see your brother, that's excellent. I cannot BELIEVE you're moving in 3-6 weeks. That excites me beyond belief. Still don't know when I'm coming, but I will be there this summer for sure.

Happy almost Birthday, Seanna!!! That was hilarious about them in Walmart. Can't wait to meet them.

Love you!!! Praying for you.

Jim Poitras said...

I loved the blog!

Tiffany Bracken: said...


I am totally cracking up about the senior citizen and the cart! I guess it is true that no good deed goes unpunished! And for a lot of us, you are synomisis with upwithmks. Just knowing that you are there gives us a sense of security that Mks will not be forgotten.

I, personally, always look in the casket. Morbid fascination. But my MK spouse never looks and is appalled that anyone would. Is it an MK thing?

Still giggling about the senior citizen...