Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I am secretly afraid of....

1. The curtain opening - I am in a play- and I don't know one line. I dream this constantly.

2. Not graduating from high school- even though I did graduate several years ago. I also dream this constantly and it makes no sense. I was an A/B student.

3. Having bad smelling towels and guest use them and put me in their "do not return" book.

4. That I will forget all of the great details of my life.

5. Three ring binders. I have been attacked people.

6. When rugs get stuck in vacuums. I panic as I vacuum rugs.

7. That everyone will expect me to entertain them at dinner, parties, or outings. Cause they usually do. I am not that witty people.

8. Forgetting the words to songs while singing solos at church- it has happened before and I had to make up an entire verse. The music leader asked for it again- and I had to make up another whole verse.

9. That my girls will never visit St. Croix- when that is still my "home" in my heart of hearts.

10. Eating food a new restaurants. I have severe allergies to fish and it is in all kinds of sauces. I also have this scene that plays over and over in my head that John will shove the epipen in my leg and it won't deploy.

11. That I will be eaten by a Venus Flytrap. My brother had one when I was little and I saw it eat bugs. I realize I am not a bug- but can still see huge Venus Flytraps ready to inhale me.

12. Piers, walkways, stairs with slatted boards. I realize that I can't fall between the cracks- but my brain does not. I still remember crawling over the dock in St. Croix at the age of 6 while my 10 year old brother was laughing his head off. I still have heart spasms if I have to do it.

Okay I have no idea why I felt to get these silly things off my chest today. But there you have it- 12 silly things I am secretly afraid of...............

and YOU?


Riss said...

You are in my "will return" book in permanent ink! No smelly towels in the Nickel home! =)

Kathy McElhaney said...

That Cylinda will quit posting on her blog...

If I told you, it would no longer be a secret! Thanks for the smile today. Love ya!

Girly Muse said...

Ooo, scary, every single one of them!

However...#7...the thing is you actually ARE that witty. So you might just have to get over that one.

Christopher Brainos said...

I fear (and dream regularly) that I lose all my teeth. I'll be doing something and they just randomly start falling out. It's quite strange. When I wake up I have to check and make sure they are all still there.