Thursday, April 16, 2009

I miss my girls....

Five days down Three to go

Wow I miss those girls

I don't miss:
Doing their hair
Cleaning up after them
Reminding them to make their beds
Listening to the whining of "Do we have to do homework?"

I do miss:
Their hugs
Their laughter
Their silly humor
Their kisses

Come home already. I know they are having a great time. They were in St. Louis for Easter then drove last night to Little Rock. They called super early to report they were going fishing. Emma did not think that she could deal with the worms.

Update on Emma's Love life:

Most of you know that Emma has been married to Larry the cucumber from Veggie Tales for the past several years. After he died in a horrible restaurant tragedy (they were short on cucumbers for salads) so she met Shawn. Shawn is from Mexico but lives in the US. She and Shawn have the twins Sam and Sophie (that is why she picked out a little darker skin color for her Birthday Bitty twins). Eric and Emily and Elizabeth were Larry's kids but did not take on the bright green hue of their father (thankfully). Mom said that she is talking to Shawn several times a day on her "cell" phone.

She also has Violet who was doing poorly in school. We found out the reason she was doing so poorly is that she needs glasses. I ordered a cute purple pair for her from American Girl and they came at Emma's birthday. She now is doing great at school. The other day Violet got in trouble for being mean to Eric and Emily and Emma took away Violet's glasses as her punishment. I told her that you can't take away her glasses she needs them to see. John who had been listening to our conversation looked at me and said- you do realize that Violet is a doll right and you all are having conversations about this. I said yes- but Emma is learning real parenting skills and she needs to know that she can't do that if her real kids have glasses.

Emma walked away disgusted and said they are real Mama- I guess you are not a serious Grandmother.

I rest my case :) Her real- make- believe family and love life are doing great. As for Seanna give her a book, a computer, or the Wii and she is set :)

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Amy Charisse Landaw said...

I just read this post Cylinda and am dying with laughter! It's so good to see that other kids have just as wild of imaginations as I did! Love ya, Amy