Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House showings, Nubby fingers, Jazz music, and Bread galore

I am currently sitting in Panera trying to get some work done. Since I am an avid people watcher I am distracted and decided that since I was getting zero work done I might as well update my neglected blog.

Why am I in Panera at 2:52 in the afternoon? Because we have a showing and I can't be sitting at home now can I? It is actually a second showing with these people on our house. The couple first saw it on Monday. That was the first time I cleaned the house down to the bones of my nubby fingers. Then yesterday they called and asked for the cost of our utilities - always a good sign- then today a second showing. I cleaned out closets, baseboards, shined, glossed, moaned, dusted, washed, sorted, scraped until my fingers were numb. I then walked into each room and prayed over it- yes I did and left the house with glee.

The girls get off of school at 2- so they are in booth two at Panera. I am feeling like the yuppie-wanna-be work mother. Emma just came over and said that we need to do this everyday. She then asked when they would cut her off of the refills. I said that they were free but to switch over to water after her second sprite. She rolled her eyes at me and pronounced to Seanna- house rules apply Seanna.

Emma has been on a roll lately. She told me that my Mom was going to use her sewing machine after she expired (retired), and that she spent a lot of time at Nana's house cleaning the allergies (algae) out of fish tank. They are both glad to be home.

Work wise I have been working on the re-entry program for MK Ministries and trying to outline School of Missions. As I prayed today I thanked the Lord for allowing me to work at a job that I am passionate about. Don't get me started on our MKs- you may glaze over quickly in the conversation- I don't stop. :)

So today my frivolous blog is going to be about house showings.

I remember one time while my parents and I were in TN. They wanted to look at a home on the lake. We with a realtor- but the people stayed in the house the whole time. The lady had made cookies and was trying to feed them to us room to room. The man was giving the history of all of the furniture in their home. It was like we wanted to bolt out just so we did not explode from consuming 250,000 calories in five minutes.

Another time I was looking at houses in Cabot, Ar and the house that we were looking at was being used as an office. The people had set up in the living room and the bedrooms. They were there as well and followed us (while smoking) from room to room. I told the realtor that I was ready to leave. They followed us out of the house to our cars asking why we were leaving so soon.

The final horror story takes place at a home in Mayflower Ar. My parents were interested in it as it was right on the lake. My Dad was in Asia and my Mom did not want to see it alone. I flew over to AR to meet her. The neighborhood was riddled with every stereotypical red-neck image you can imagine. On the way to the house I saw a man in his overalls peeing on the side of a shed. He had no shirt on and it was about 40 degrees outside. The house was okay on the outside but was HORRIBLE on the inside. We were met by a dead floral arrangement in the hallway that was housed in green slimy water. The kitchen was filled with dirty dishes and food that had been left for days was on the counter tops. That was the better part of the house. Needless to say that was another quick no.

I have told John before that I would love to go to other peoples houses and just see how they live. After you are on the house hunting side of things you quickly take that statement back.

Our hearts - Our spirits are the temple of the Holy Ghost- he is housed within us. What does your spiritual house look like to HIM? How would you feel if someone just popped in for a visit? Are their cobwebs of past hurts that are cluttering our walls? Is there bitterness that is corroding your fixtures? Have you tended to the judgemental smears that appear on your walls?

I prayed today as I cleaned that HE would wash me and cleanse me. That I would be the best Cylinda that I could be. That I would be ready to spring into action when he needed me. That I would be sensitive to his voice, his beckoning, his calling in my life. That I would not neglect the call of intercession that was placed on my life. That I would be bold enough to press beyond my own insecurities and share a word of encouragement to those in need. That I would be acceptable in His eyes.

I think so many times we neglect the pantry of our souls. We give and exhort and encourage and yet we turn around to look for more and there is nothing there. How is your pantry today? Is it bare? Do you need to re-stock it with the Word and Prayer? On the opposite end are you a fatted cow and sitting on an overstocked pantry while others around you are hurting?

Whatever the condition of your spiritual house today- let him reign and be master.

As for me- I've gotta run a Russian lady with four small children need me to really eavesdrop on their conversation, and a couple of guys in business suits need investigating as well. Happy Wednesday. Love your guts.


Vicki said...

love this blog! I prayed for the house today and emailed my friends to pray! So, did you learn any Russian today? =)

Girly Muse said...

i hope they've already made an offer by now...

you better check and make sure emma isn't praying against the house selling so she can spend more days at panera. that girl has a powerful mind and prayer life...

rest those nubby fingers.

love you.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Great post - praying that your house sells.

We were viewing a house once and the windows were SO clean, I walked right into the sliding glass door, leaving a face print!! That would not be a problem in my house... sigh

Paula said...

Great blog! Made me laugh...made me think...perfect! :D

So how did the investigation go??

Danan said...

Love the the you!

Jimbo said...

I loved this blog! Enjoyed the house hunting stories. And I certainly relate to the eavesdropping and lifelearning done at restaurants. I thought I was the only one that did that.

amberle said...

My momma is trying to get her house sold too, it is so much work!!!! PRaying for it to sell quickly.