Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where have you been?

Where have you been? Okay so I have been showing up here daily and you have not been here....


So where do I start?

Holly Wild Park:

Two weekends ago we went to Hollywild Park in SC. Great little zoo/park that the kids love. Highlight of the day- Seanna feeding a llama who decided with a full mouth of food to sneeze all over her. The llama wanted more food and we convinced here that it would not sneeze twice in a row. We were wrong. Llamas + full mouth of food = green slime!

North Carolina Ladies Conference:

Thursday and Friday night were awesome. Janice Sjostrand was amazing on Thursday night and Cynthia Miller ended the conference with an amazing message. It so many ways this was a healing couple of nights. It is amazing how when you don't even realize it the Lord is changing your very core.

It is amazing how the LORD deals with us in areas of our lives. We will hear the same challenge from the Lord in our own devotionals time, in our Bible reading time, from different speakers- all confirming His voice.

Lately he has been dealing with me about my response to others. In life you will always have people that like you and people that don't like you. Being the total sanquine, people person that I am- I hate it when others reject me. I obsess as to how to make relationships around me better. The Lord has been dealing with me to let it go. Once I know that I have done my best with someone that I should not worry about what others think of me. It is amazing when I think about how much time have I wasted in looking for the applause of the crowd, the affirmation of others.

We all want to be loved, accepted, and valued- but our value, our affirmation, our love needs to come from Christ. If we are looking for it in others we will run ourselves ragged seeking what they can not give us.

John is "mapped" in the Verizon system:

As many of you know John is an engineer for Alltel Corp. It was recently purchased by Verizon. He was not promised anything in this merger. At first we were told that there was not a position for him. We have been in a holding pattern since January waiting to see if he had a job and where they would place him. We found out last Friday that he has been mapped as an engineer to the south. His boss is in Southlake, TX (Dallas area). We should find out this week or next where they will need us to re-locate. We are at peace about whatever he has planned. It has been long process for sure- but we have to give ourselves 100% to his will to be at peace.

Phil and Eve Flowers Wedding:

Saturday we left the Charlotte area at 7:30 Am and headed to Jonesboro, GA for Phil Flowers wedding. The wedding was at 1:30 PM. We changed at a McDonalds right before the wedding. We looked like a bunch of gypsies getting ready in the that tiny bathroom. The highlight of the event was Emma dropping the brush and toothbrush in the public sink. I about lost it. It was bad enough that she dropped all of her clothes on the floor (gross). I could see 1000 germs jumping on her clothes, hairbrush , and toothbrush and having a party.

The wedding was beautiful. So glad to see many Friends, MKs and Missionaries. Phil is married Yahoo. We wish he and Eve the best! I know that God is going to use their lives.

The MK Website:

A lot of my time over the past three weeks has been devoted to MK Website. We have added a new feature called 10 questions 1 face, and also MK Insider. We just added our March/April E-Magazines for all publications, and continue to add weekly e-votionals for our MKs. We are in the process of adding a new resource link for Missionaries and MKs of different ages. The Lord is using MK Ministries to reach to missionaries of different backgrounds. In the past couple of weeks we have had 3 missionaries contact us needing help with their MKs. They were told about our website and want to be involved. Help us pray for creativity and wisdom. That the Lord would open up the door to minister to MKs around the world.


So I have missed you all - I really am starting to get caught up and should be back on here more regular-

Have an amazing day!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Welcome back! I've missed your great insight and funny Emma'isms. Glad to know you've finally heard about John's job situation - you'll continue to be in my prayers as this continues to unfold. The MK website is looking great!

Lynnard said...

As I was reading this one I thought if she doesn't say anything about John I need to email her. I am so glad the job situation worked out!

Girly Muse said...

we've missed you, busy girl!!! sounds like you've had some fun, healing, AND stressful times.

will be praying about john's job and the relocation.

and for no llamas to EVER sneeze on any one in your family ever AGAIN.

in JESUS' name, amen!

Danan said...

I'm so glad you have finished you technology fast! You made the rest of us fast your I'm believing the Lord to honor our fast!
You're better than Dear Abby/Ann or any of the others...
By the way, thanks for ALL your hard work with the MK's. The website is awesome and the kids feel so special when they see their pictures.
You are awesome and we appreciate you!

Tiffany Bracken: said...


Would it be possible to get your permission to use some of the articles you post on the MK website? We are starting a newspaper for the youth in our church and so many things you write about are relevant for their situations. I just don't want to infringe on any copyright rules! Thank you so much for your hard work on the website and for making it a viable resource!