Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite New Quote

This is from Emma's revival of watching Stuart Little over and over and over.

Read my furry pink lips- NO!

(Quote of Snowball the cat to Stuart Little)

Some times just saying no is not enough when you have a persistent 7 and 9 year old!


Girly Muse said...

HILARIOUS!!! I'm gonna have to pull this one out for sure.

Farrah said...

Hey Cylinda,
My name is Farrah Bunch. My family and I just returned from AIMing in Northern Ireland with the McFarland's. Shawna Mac turned me on to your blog. I love reading it. You have so much energy in your writing. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to link to you through our blog- (which is not much...really, we are in transition right now...and it was intended to be a "keep up with us blog"). Anyone who is still reading our blog needs to be directed to an actually good blog such as yours. :)
All the Best!