Monday, March 02, 2009

8 Random Conversations over the past week or two...

So Wow....I am a bad bloggy buddy the past couple of weeks. I have been a little scattered in thoughts, busy out the wazoo (no that is not a word) and not stopping to blog.

Here are some random conversations I have had this past two weeks.

1. Location: Continental Airlines flight from Charlotte to Little Rock- via Houston.
Time: 7:00 Am
Seat: 15C
Passenger in seat 15 D is already drunk and I again remind you it is 7:00 AM.
Passenger to me: So do you want to talk?
Me: Nope- it's too early.
Passenger: Really? Cause I could buy you a drink.
Me: One- I am married- Two- I don't drink- Three you are already drunk
Passenger: I thought you had to buy water on planes now.
Me: Not on Continental you don't- that's why they are so full (sarcasm was lost on him)
Passenger: Is that really why? (believing me in his drunken stupor)
We take off- Passenger falls asleep, snoring loudly, mouth open, and bopping head
in my direction.
Me: Get up....walk up to flight attendant- Is there ANY other seat on this plane
that I can sit at? He is drunk, open mouth snoring and annoying.
Flight Attendant: Nope, please sit down we are heading to turbulence
Me: Great
Summary: Did he snore and bob his head the whole way? Yes...other than when his
friend paid the flight attendant to pour him a Rum and coke.
-Did I mention I did not like that flight attendant? Who continues to serve a
drunk man at 7:30 in the morning?

2. Conversation Location: Nickel's Home- my bedroom
Time of Day: Around 7:00 PM
Emma: Mom I was looking at some old pictures and you used to be really pretty Mom.
Me: Really?
Emma: Yep- you even looked skinny, had white shiny teeth, and a flat stomach.
Me: Is that so?
Emma: Do you think we should tell Dad that you used to look good?
Me: Let's just make that our little secret.

3. Conversation Location: Nickel's Kitchen
Emma: Mom When is your anniversary?
Me: Saturday.
Emma: What are you going to do?
Me: Go to a funeral.
Emma: Were you always this boring Mom- no offense or anything.

4. Conversation Location: Abundant Life Center Church
Circumstance surrounding conversation: We just ran 30 kids over from Kidzone to
church during thunderstorm- as in barrels of water from heaven.
Me to Penny C.: Um Penny my skirt is half off ( I was running to bathroom)
Penny: Laughing- Really?
I run to the bathroom as I try to pull it up. A little girl had pulled it off
while I was delivering her to her Mother.
Sight that was seen: Cylinda's bottom to back 1/2 of the church.
Feeling at that moment knowing I still had to praise sing: Not so priceless

5. Conversation Location: Harris Teeter Grocery Store
Section: Frozen Foods
Seanna: Mom we want Aplabet Tator Tots
Me: We don't eat Tator Tots.
Woman walking by to child (I kid you not) She is one of those.
Emma: If you buy those it will help me to learn how to read and I will pass 2nd
Me: Done

6. Conversation Location: Laundry Room
Date: Sunday Evening
Emma: Mom can I have a frozen dinner?
Me: No I am making dinner
Emma: Mom really don't feel like you need to it's raining outside and they taste
better than your food anyway.
Me: Wow- thanks
Emma: (gives me hugs) and says how about a kiss for Emma?
Me: Why don't you go kiss your frozen dinner box

7. Conversation Location: My home office
Date: Today
Emma: so I am writing this great story about a girl that gets bought at the
Kids for sale center.
Me: The orphanage?
Emma: yeah- how much should I say their price is for each kid?
Me: are they sassy or nice?
Emma: Mom- come on
Me: I think the price should be negotiable
Emma: I don't know how to spell that

8. Conversation Location: Food Lion
Section of Grocery Store: Produce
Worker at Food Lion: Ned
Me: Excuse me sir- do you have any more bananas in the back of the store you are
out of them.
Ned: No ma'am there is a major snow storm coming tonight- you can't expect
us to have bananas for everyone.
Me: Good to know!

I am sure there are others that will come to mind- but you know since this is my brain cleansing area- now I will have plenty of room to add other conversations to this blog later.

No children were harmed in the creating of this blog although the thought did cross my mind a time or two. Happy Monday.


Girly Muse said...

hahahaha OH MY WORD!!!!!

so funny. sigh. and i so feel you needing a hug right now. haha

oh wow. take a deep breath. know a masseuse?

love you, girl. keep laughing. :)

Adriane said...

Thanks for a good laugh!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Well you know my world is never boring :) It all makes me laugh!!

cltgrace said...

rotflol - my belly hurts

Shelley in SC said...

Loved, loved, loved these conversations. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and make sure you haven't entered the twilight zone! Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW, does "MK" stand for missionary kid? My family is thick with missionary kids (all my cousins in various families) and they have a special place in my heart.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Hey Shelley thanks so much- yes- I work with Missionary Kids Ministries. I was raised as an MK and all of my family is up to their neck in missions :)

Keep blogging girl- you are amazing!

Manumanums said...

This blog entry was funny. I have been trying to follow your blog for awhile now. I am from Canada and happened upon your blog before Christmas! You have a wonderful sense of humor and outlook! Keep blogging!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks so much- you are sweet- Well I call me my free on-line therapy. You've gotta laugh!

Paula said...

Thanks -- I needed an "Emma fix". :O)

Ya know, if you'd buy her Alphabet Tater Tots more often she could spell 'negotiable'. :O)

Love ya!