Thursday, March 05, 2009

Deja What?

-Have you ever looked at your kids doing something and had a moment of deja vu?
-Have you ever smelled something from your past and instantly been to that place you remembered from 10 years before?
-Have you ever seen something that takes you down memory lane?

I sure are some of my Deja Vu's from this week:

1. Heat Rash
Today Emma came home and had hat rash on her legs. I instantly was hurled back in time to the second grade. Did I mention I was raised in St Croix USVI? One day I had heat rash so bad I felt like my legs would combust if I took another step. I could barely walk up the hill to our house. My 9 year old brother convinced me that rubbing alcohol would clean it and make it feel better. Don't try this at home. I still get tears in my eyes remembering that one.

2. Neutrogena Cream
In Target this week (shocker I know - Cylinda and Target in the same sentence) Seanna opened up a jar of Neutrogena cream. I instantly flashed back to Camp Galilee in MN- where I used it nightly just to feel like I would get a date. The hot dates were when a guy would ask you if he could walk with you from the tabernacle (after the dismiss light came on) and took you to the concession stand. I don't recall ever securing that date but I sure felt grown up using it by all of the other teenagers. I miss those chili boats and jolly rancher green apple sticks. My teeth do not.

3. A Milk Truck
This week a milk truck drove by me in traffic. A milk truck you say? Yep. I lived on a dairy farm in WI while my parents traveled on deputation. I helped milk the cows and did the whole farm thing. All of the milk went to the bulk tank, and then twice weekly the milk truck would come and get the milk. There is nothing better than stolen cold milk out of that tank. It was secretly poured into tiny cups by my grandmother. I can also still smell the powdered milk that we used to fill all of the bottle for the little calves. And yes I have a scar from a cow bite. Don't ask.

4. Tamarinds
Yes, I said tamarinds. This week I was homesick for the islands and wanted some tamarinds. I went to Harris Teeter and bought one. Yes- they are expensive. I peeled off the pliable shell and was instantly carried back to the summer of (never you mind) when I was 8 years old. I used to climb the tamarind tree daily and eat until I was filled to the brim. One day - while reaching for a tamarind higher up on a branch I had my mouth open while reaching. This technique helps you concentrate I think. No I was not a mouth breather - I guess I was just reaching too far. Just as I did this a big bumble bee flew right into my mouth....and you guessed it- bit me inside of my mouth. I dropped the tamarind- ran up the hill to tell my Mom. It was on a Thursday night. I did not go to church- the only thing I can tell you is that I resembled the Elephant Girl. I was not dating anyone at the time- hot dates for 8 years olds were pretty scarce.

5. Perfume
Last night while I was trying to do Emma, Seanna, and my hair- someone got into the perfume. I know you won't be able to guess who but her name starts with an E and end's with and A. It rhymes with Bremma. She proceeded to spray my Curve perfume, my DKNY perfume, and John's colonge all on the same arm. She then proceeded to rub it on her face so that her face would smell great for Kids Church.

Perfumes that bring back memories are:
Liz Claiborne
Clinique Happy
Caylx by Prescriptive

Isn't it amazing how you can smell perfumes from the past and instantly be right back to that year?

6. Michael Jackson
Okay. Yes I went there. I have never been a Michael Jackson fan. Today I saw a news report that he is making a comeback tour in London. Even though I don't appreciate him, or his music- I can still tell you exactly where I was the first time I heard the song Thriller. I can' also remember his original skin color and a wider nose. But that is all water under the bridge so to speak isn't it?

7. Scratch and Sniff
Who didn't love scratch and sniff products? Again with the Target reference- Seanna and I were smelling perfumes and they had scratch and sniff spots on the outsides of the boxes. I was telling her that I had the best scratch and sniff t-shirt when I was here age. The t-shirt was white with a huge round pizza. The pizza was scratch and sniff. Now that I think about it- it is probably kind of gross. But I wore that t-shirt out. I used to wear that- a jean skirt and my purple pro-ked sneakers. Um did I mention I was a tom boy?

Okay it is now 10:00 PM and my carriage will turn into a pumpkin and my computer is getting ready to walk itself to it's bed. SO I must bid you adieu!

SO what brings about a Deja Vu with you?


Girly Muse said...

i LOVE this post!!!

i get deja vu all the time.

funny that this one should resonate with me, but...i remember exactly where i was when i heard thriller for the first time too...AND i stayed up LATE at a sleepover just to see the video when it first aired. so i have some michael jackson triggers too.

this was so fun. love ya.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Ahh, smells and deja vu! For me, it is deoderant smells. Yes, I know this is weird, but nothing can transport me back to my pre-teens and summer camp like a little whiff of Teen Spirit! Want a college memory? Bring out the Secret in baby powder scent. And once again, my husband is shaking his head in disbelief.

Cylinda Nickel said...

lol- I hear you on the deodorant- it is crazy how the Lord made us.

Lori- I can just see you waiting for that Thriller video- too cute.

Lacrecia said...

my daughter has some apple flavored detangler that smells like salon selectives.... which takes me back to buckeye lake church camp in the 80's (as well as white rain & aqua net)

Polo - all the guys at church camp wore polo!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Wow- I forgot when all of the guys used Polo- and yes, aqua net is permanently in my head from my grandma and great aunts :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

The barking of sea lions takes me back to my childhood. Escaping the heat of my hometown, our family would head to Morro Bay or Monterey or Santa Cruz, always to be greeted by the cool ocean breezes and barking sea lions. I heard them this weekend while in Monterey for a wedding!