Monday, February 16, 2009

"I would love to get busy and do my homework but right now I have a song to write"

That is the most original reason for not doing homework that I have the last five days at least.

Other excuses that I have heard are:

I need to cool off my brain and just sit here for a while
I still have words in my head from my teacher- I have to wait until they leave
I can't find a pencil in this house
Do you think by the look on my face that I want to do homework? (which by the way she also got in trouble for being sassy)

Today is the first time that she tried to out homework her homework. She had homework to do for school and for her piano lessons. Well she was doing neither. She was "writing" a song and it had to be done or she would forget what was in her head.

I quickly asked- is it going to fall out on the carpet?

She said what?

I said the song that is in your head if you don't write it down will it fall out of your ears onto the carpet?

She said- do you write music Mom?

I said no

She said- sometimes you just don't understand do you?

I said what I do understand is that you need to do your homework now.

She huffed and walked to the kitchen table and started her homework.


Of course I totally understood what she was talking about. I have times of inspiration that I really do have stop and write something-because I am afraid I will loose it. I just did not want to get into that conversation with her today.


Girly Muse said...

HAHAHAHAHA, oh my word, she is something else! That is hysterical! I have got to meet that child.

Tracie Smith said...

Ok Cylinda the song she was trying to write could have made her wealthy. What if it does drop and she forgets it???? Girl, these artsy children are going to be paying for our nursing homes or home health care one day. lol Gotta love kids and all their excuses!

Riss said...

I love your girls. I don't know how you keep a straight face and get onto them. Send them my love. I need some Emma/Seanna therapy.

cltgrace said...

I'm rolling....Grace is yelling at me from the bathroom to stop laughing so loud. lolololol

Melinda said...

My favorite is pretty much the one about how she still has words in her head from her teacher.

And, Mom! Song writing is a tricky business. Songs are actually the easiest to lose of all the things I write. I hope she didn't forget it because you never know, it could have had a world changing lyric. Children in 20 years could be listening to that song instead of doing their homework! Think of the impact it could have!

Kathy McElhaney said...

It's interesting that no name was mentioned, but did anyone reading this think it was NOT Emma?? Love that girl!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Lol- Yep It was Emma indeed! She is something else.