Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things they don't advertise on the Seaworld brochure....

Friday afternoon we left for our Christmas vacation. We left at 2 PM and arrived after midnight. We were doing fine until we hit traffic and stopped literally for two hours in Daytona Beach ugh.

Anyway- we got up early on Saturday and met Steve and Meghan and took her with us to Seaworld. It was amazing. The girls had a blast- and it is worth it to go if you are in the area! Shamu is bigger than life- the dolphin show, the penquins, roller coasters, and the highlight of the day for the three girls- feeding and touching dolphins. They said it was worth not getting Christmas gifts to come here :)

Here are some of the things we saw that did not make the brochure....

1. Wife cleaning out her husbands nose with her fingers (ok I am gagging as I type this literally)

2. Cylinda talking to the people next to her at the Shamu show- and they don't speak a word of English- they were German- yet they understood every thing during the speaking part of the show and they were openly laughing at me when I was done trying to talk to them.

3. A boy accidentally elbowed his brother and the brother punches him in the face. Blood was drawn and the Dad and daughter acted like they did not know them as they ran from the scene.

4. December must be mating season for the dolphins. Adds a whole new element to the friendly animals at Seaworld.

5. A shark in the Shark Discovery cave had just given birth to a baby shark. The afterbirth was still coming out- much to gagging Emma's dismay.

6. Birds are VERY into the feeding of the dolphins. Several of them quickly swiped down and picked up the fish out of kids hands. They then pulled out a fake Eagle on a stick and waved it around.

One of the most touching scenes of the day was a little girl she looked to be four that had cancer. She and her twin sister and family were there for the make a wish foundation. While we were waiting for the girls to feed the dolphins- I got to watch this beautiful little girl- who is fighting cancer- feed a dolphin. Of course being the person that I am- I followed them for a little bit when they left the exit gate. (That is one of the times when John again acted like he did not know me). The little girl told her Mom- Mom- this is the best day of my life.

When the girls came out from feeding the dolphins I gave each of them a hug and told them I loved them. They looked at me like I was crazy. Emma was like are you getting emotional because we fed dolphins? I said- well something like that.

Have a great Sunday Blog Buddies- I am going to try to get the gang ready for the Magic Kingdom- More details to come!

BTW you can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want more details!

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Paula said...

Yep, we've sat in Daytona Beach traffic before...NOT fun! :) But hey, you made it! Looks like fun...and loved all your "things-that-are-not-seen-in-Seaworld-brochure" list. :) You are right - there is SO much they do not tell you in those things!!!