Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Magic Kingdom and some Magical and not-so-magical moments!

On Sunday we went to the Magic Kingdom. This was the first time for the girls to go to Disney World. They all had a great time and loved it!

Some Un-Magical moments....

1. Man sleeping sitting against the wall with his mouth open- snoring and had earplugs in. See attached picture.

2. A family of 5 eating snack in line. The snack was toast for all followed by cream cheese which was spread from the silver package to the bread. He did not have toast for himself so proceeded to suck on the rest of the package. I was right behind them and had to turn around as I was gagging.

3. Waiting 70 minutes in line for Space Mountain in front a what the kids called newly dating couples who gave the three girls an education in hands on kissing and groping.

4. A 7 year old punched his brother in the nose and it started to bleed.

5. A Mother slapped her son in the face after he shoved her into a lady.

6. Being up-wind from a family from another country who had not been exposed to the joys of deodorant.

Magical Moments....

1. The girls going bonkers for "It's a small world after all."

2. Realizing that Seanna is at Disney and she rode "Space Mountain" at 9- the same year that I did.

3. Getting hugs from all three girls who told me that this was the best day of their lives.

4. Finding my car in the sea of all cars. I did text myself the location of the car- paranoid much.

5. Leaving the park without one purchased souvenir!


Paula said...

Aww, we love Magic Kingdom, too. It's my favorite Disney park. Glad the girls enjoyed it!

Renee said...

Small World...the best ride ever! Marcus won't get on, he hates it. Glad you guys are having fun...Hollywood Studios and Tower of Terror! DO NOT miss Toy Story Mania, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

You are giving me such a good laugh today reading your un-magical moments -- hop you guys are having a blast! Jack was sick with the stomach bug Christmas eve so that too was quite un-magical:-) Miss you!


EverythingMouse said...

It was great to find your blog Cylinda!

I love your magical and unmagical moments summary. That is a good idea to text the location of your car to yourself! I have been lost in a Disney parking lot many times.