Thursday, November 06, 2008

Emma's New Partner in Missions Plan

Emma is going to be a missionary in Africa-
She is not going to travel though and raise PIMs
She is going to set up a stand and sell Folded paper fans to pay for her way there
And she will have money to get shoes for the poor kids too

I told her she might want to wait until it gets warmer as the sales for fans will go up!!


Lynnard said...

That's awesome!!!!

Vonnie said...

At least she has the country right!!!! ;o)

Danan said...

I love it! That girl's creative. We're all looking for ways to do away with all this deputation...Good Goin'!!!

A Southern Belle living in the North Pole said...

Well until the temperature rises... she could just find a room of "mature" ladies like MOI and the minute those hot flashes hit she would instantly sell out!

Love ya Emma!!!!

Sis. Lyna Sully

JGP said...

I'll support Emma in the cause. And also gladly except her as a member of our missionary team in Ghana. She would bring much spice to our lives.

Melinda said...

Vonnie - Africa is not a country. I'm pretty sure you should know this by now. :)

Can I get in on this project please?

Paula said...

You mean Africa is not a country???

:) :) :) :)

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that on deputation, I wouldn't need PIMs. Or fans.


Ah, ladies, thanks for the laugh this morning.