Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do you speak whale?

So this is my favorite part of this DVD!! Just wanted to share for smile factors.
-Quote- Relax....take a deep breath!


Danan said...

Cute, funny excert.
Love the new look!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks girl- Time for a change!!!

Paula said...

That's my favorite part, too!!!

Paula said...

That makes me chuckle every time.

"What is it with men and asking directions?"

And then "Caaaan yoooouuuu hellllllp uuuuus???


Cylinda Nickel said...

I LOVE THIS- Do you know how many people I text yesterday asking if they spoke whale? :)

Riss said...

I dunno... sounded a bit orka-ish to me. By the way, I like that top!

Melinda said...

That's my favorite part. The only time I laughed out loud during that whole movie. And, one of my last memories of my friend Brandon before he was killed in a car crash (wow, I love the way I calmly typed that)is him screaming at me in "whale" from the car as I walked back up to my Aunt's house.

Thanks fr the smile.

amberle said...

hahahaha!! That is so my favorite part!!!!!!! I love your blog, it is always sucha blessing........don't ever stop!!!