Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do I have worm stuck in my Beak?

So Monday was teacher conference day. A day I dread on one hand and gleefully await on the other. While I was waiting in the car I noticed some birds on the power line. Most of them were all together sitting on the wire....then there was this little one that was alone. I guess a bird in the bunch noticed it too because he hopped over to be by the lonely one- however the lonely one hopped down the wire to be alone again.

This happened two or three more times.

Now -real life application. Some of you have been lonely you are on your wire. You feel feel left out, alone, unwanted. There is probably someone that is reaching out to you- and you might feel like- why is this bird reaching out to me? I wanted the other one to hop over. So instead of bonding, making friendships with who the Lord sends our way we continue to hop down the wire.

I have had this happen time and time again when going into new churches. You know what I mean. You peruse the crowd thinking so this is my new church- I am going to be great friends with ________. Then you find out that _________ is never going to be a close friend to you but the person that you never expected to be your friend is a God send.

Why does it happen like that? I don't know. I do know that Jesus had some unlikely friends while he was on this earth. A tax collector, a doctor, a fisherman, a workaholic, and worshipper, and a sickly person. He had a variety of people in his life. We should also. Variety is the spice of life. If you only have one type of friend you are missing out.

So the next time some one hops over to you turn your beak around, quickly check for worm breath and give them your best smile. And for Pete's sake (who is Pete?) don't hop away. This could be the God connection that you have been praying for.

I gotta run- I have some worms I have to get ready for breakfast.

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