Thursday, June 19, 2008

To all of the Stay at Home Moms!

So if you are a stay at home Mom-

You are the bomb!

You are incredible!

You are to be cheered today!

No one saw when you got snacks out for your little ones –but you are a nurturer.

No one saw you do your 10th load of laundry for the week- but you are a great caregiver.

No one saw you make up the beds for the 400th time this month- but you were right on target.

No one thanked you for another well thought out meal- but you are better than any top chef.

No on heard you sign as you heard your name being called for the 1000th time this past hour- but you were a lifesaver.

You are a woman of virtue- You have the highest calling- You are a Mother.

So today as I felt urged by HIM to write to you- I wanted to tell you that that is your quarterly assessment and you are right on track. We have seen your progress, your work, and we are more than pleased with you.

Every tear you have wiped, every song you sang, every word of encouragement has been noted.

I realize that you might go hours, days, without a break, stimulating conversation, or can go even a month without a preschool reference- but you are still you.

Don’t feel like you are fading away and un-important – You’re not.

The man that thought you were so beautiful that he couldn’t live a day without you and had to marry you- he still feels that way. He does not know how to express it- but he feels it.

He is so proud as he comes home and sees beautiful you, tending to his needs and caring for your little ones. He says a silent Thank You to HIM- but it does not always get said to you.

You are right on track.

You are making a difference

Your life matters

You are shaping the church of tomorrow in your home –


So stop a second

Pour yourself a cold Diet Coke

Give yourself a hug

And consider this a raise-

Not a financial one (though I wish I could dole out cash)

But I raised your name to HIM TODAY!

You are amazing- A- #1

My hero

According to one of my favorite books “The diary of a fly”

“The World needs all kind of heroes” and you are one of them!

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Bonnie Jean said...

Aw Gosh...where are those tissues! Being a SAHM has turned me into a total SAP! Thank you for the encouragement. :-)