Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project #1 Replant the Plant/Tree Fiasco

Since I now work from home- I think I notice things that need to be done AT HOME. #1 I hate clutter #2 I should have ironed the curtains before I hung them #3 My kitchen chairs needed to be re-covered #4 I needed to re-plant this tree thing in the living room.

This past week I took on two (not one) projects. I went to Target (shocker I know) found two bags of dirt (how much does a plant need? I don’t know) found a large pot, and was ready for my project.

My plant was ready to be replanted into larger living quarters. For days when I would walk by it would scream out to me “help- I need help. My roots are coming to the surface. I am in cramped quarters.” I had told the plant to take a number- I’ve got the whole house screaming at me.

The plant was sent to us as a gift after John’s Mom died in November. It is actually a tree I think. I will add a picture so you can visualize.

I had seen people plant flowers in dirt before where they just beautifully plucked the plant out of the container and it moved over in a ball of dirt to the new pot. Very neat, very nice. In looking back- they had dry soil- I did not.

I moved the tree outside (wow heavy tree alert) had the two large bags of soil ready and one pot. I read the bag. Fill up the planter 1/3 of the way with dirt, place in plant, and cover with dirt. This would be a snap. It would have been if I did not have wet soil. I picked it up by the branches after putting 1/3 of the dirt in the container. Splat all of the dirt that was around the plant fell on my feet. I had on my cool black flip flops and I couldn’t even see my feet. The dirt was everywhere.

I thought it was one huge tree. It was not. So now I have dirt all over me, I have the three splitting three ways and falling out of my hands. In looking back…. I don’t know why I didn’t just set it down but I carried it (again stupid move advisory) to the door- rang the bell and called for Seanna- my planter backup plan. She walks up and says you are really dirty. Do you think? I am still holding all three trees. Can you help me?

What do you want me to do clean off your feet she says?

No, I say sharply- hold the trees in place in the pot.

I am not good at math. One third of the pot of dirt ended up being like ½ of the pot – for all of you I am great at math people. It was setting too high. I knelt down- much to the chagrin of my khaki skirt- now covered in black wet soil, and began digging like a beaver around the sides of the tree -to get the soil lower. I dug out too much and had to pull it up start over, and set it down on top of the soil again. Now that this was at the right level….my planting assistant had to hold the trees in place while I put dirt around it.

I began talking to the plant/tree. Don’t you dare die when I get you in this house. YOU have been a lot of work today. I am trying to help you and what have you done? You have covered me in dirt. I think I saw it smile as I pushed its roots deep down in the earth. Then I stopped. This tree had tons of roots. Like a whole lot of them. Everywhere. I was trying to organize the roots when it hit me. This is like me. How many years have I heard I needed to be rooted and grounded in Christ. The songs- I shall not be I shall not be moved etc?

I had a new love for my little tree. It was an illustration of my life and God’s plans right in front of me. As we patted down the final dirt around it I was almost a little sad that my project was over. I bent over to pick it up –wowzer this thing was heavy….I moved it into the living room placed it next to the entertainment center and kissed one of the leaves. Seanna said- did you just kiss that plant? I said I sure did. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

She walked off shaking her head. By the way- One bag of dirt would have been perfect. Target does not take dirt back. Just so you know- always trying to be a helper here!


Proverbs 12:3

A man shall not be established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous shall never be moved.

Some of you have been going through some pretty rough storms lately. The winds have been blowing, your branches have lost some leaves, you might feel a little tattered, torn, miss-understood, low on sap- but you are STILL ROOTED and GROUNDED in him. You will not be moved. You will come out on top in this battle. This is a season, only a season. You are a mighty oak, your roots go deep. Joy comes in the morning!


Paula said...

Okay, that is as good as you promised. Had to read it to Chris. Crack me up, girl! That poor plant will think twice about hollering out to you for help again. LOL Probably told the rest of the house to keep quiet, too. "You don't want that lady messing with you!" Hehe

Do you ever wonder what kind of conversations household appliances would have if they could talk??

Great lesson though. Sometimes the Lord has to 'replant us' and it's not always easy or comfortable either.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Okay now you are speaking to me- preach on girl- :)

Danan said...

Have I told you how thankful I am that you are now working from home. God is giving you such incredible object lessons to help the rest of us...