Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Stapler, The Tape, The Paperclips-Letting Go!

Heloooo……Echo helooooooooooooo

How are you alllll??? Echo returns

Drip drip Drip drip

These are the sounds of things you hear when you work from home :) Kidding.

Many of you have emailed worried that I am not alive since I started working from home- I am indeed alive- I am indeed loving my job. I am indeed working 8 hours a day- Key word WORKING 8 hours a day.

When I worked at Cassis- If I was not on the phone with a client they could have cared less what I did- they made this very clear to me. So I could blog, update MySpace, and work on MK Ministries, ALC Kids etc. Now I really am working 8 hours a day on MK Ministries and I have less blogging, MySpace, calling friends while commuting time. Because I want to give an honest 8 hours or work.

I have been working from the kitchen or breakfast nook table. So this has been a challenge. This weekend John stopped and bought me a desk and a bookshelf (that was my 40th birthday gift) I love my logical husband who buys me what I need!

Change is good- Change shows what a freak you are. Example number one- when I was at my old desk if a client would come in and touch or use my stapler and leave it in a diff. area- I would have to move it. Example number two- If they used my tape and left that extra piece hanging off the end- I would have to rip it off and then put it back where it BELONGED. Example number three-If I had a new box of paper clips- I had to rip the lid and the two side flaps off the box- place it in the drawer where my paperclips went and then arrange them in a row (okay I did not arrange them in a row- lighten up people).

I guess I never realized how much I was this way until my friend Sandy came for the weekend. She reminded me of this as she asked me for a used Target bag. I said they are rolled up under the sink. She was like rolled up? I said yes. She pulled them out. They are each individually rolled up in a tiny tight circle and placed in a little box. I thought everyone did that. She about wet her pants laughing at me. She said I bet you still also clean up for the waitress after yourself and want your dishes removed as soon as you take your last bite don’t you? I agreed I did. Doesn’t everyone?

My slightly OCD behavior has me thinking today-

#1 I might be a tad bit uptight about things that don’t matter. (nah)

#2 I might be a pattern/list person (confirmed)

#3 How can I be this way AND creative. I thought creative people were messy and not list makers or uptight? (Maybe I AM a combo of my Mom and my Dad)

#4 When can I finish this blog so that I can organize my girls elastic hair bands by color again they are getting out of control (again kidding people)

The scary thing about all of this is it applies to our spiritual lives as well. If we are control freaks in the natural most likely we are that way in the spiritual as well. How many times have you given the Lord a problem to fix and take it out of his hands because he did not fix it to your liking? How is the master of the universe supposed to know how to replace my spiritual stapler?

How can he open the doors of my life when he cut too much of my bad attitude tape off this past time while going through my spiritual grooming?

How can I trust him with the really big issues when I asked him to just let me roll up my Target Bag situation and he told me HE had it under control? Does he really know how I like it?

I have to step back and realize- he is more than just God. He is my Father, He is my friend, he is my confidant, he is my love, and he is my life.

I have never known a situation where he has let me down. He has left a few jagged edges here and there- but those were for my good. I cry as I type- for I am in the midst of letting him handle my “stuff” right now.

I had to lay down my agenda, my date book, my plans, my desires, and place them back in his big capable hands again today. I sit, I type, and I drink icy diet coke all the while he makes HIS PERFECT plans form in my life- and do you know what? I am good with that.

I am not good with chaos in the natural- but HE is teaching me I have to accept it in the spiritual.

Now if you are done with that coffee mug pass it over- I need to place it in the dishwasher where it belongs.

Love you bloggie buddies. Leave me a comment so I know you are real!



Paula said...


**Hands Cylinda her coffee mug.**

**Rolls eyes**

**Remembers when her kid dropped a plate at Cylinda's and thinks that must have had her heart racing more than she let on.**

:) :) :)

My dear husband can be pretty "freaky" about such things, too. Although, he certainly does not organize the paper clips on his desk. But prime example being: when I make tortillas, he had me get a round bowl and use that to cut out the tortillas into perfect circles. And he used to make their cook count the chocolate chips in each cookie -- ensuring that each cookie had the perfect number. *shaking head* You guys are nuts! :)

Paula said...

By the way...notice I said he made the cook do that (when he was a kid). I refuse to do that -- no where in my wedding vows did I agree to count chocolate chips. :)

Cylinda Nickel said...

I hear you girl- I thought I was bad :) Maybe it is an MK thing :)

Danan said...

Paula...I still tell people about your OCD husband and the perfect tortillas! I'll never forget the day we came over and I had my tortillas made. ( I was so proud of myself, as I was a real missionary cooking from scratch) Mine were quite odd shaped...but Paula's were perfect! I just wanted to hide mine...But, figured the rest of the Benson Bunch would get pretty angry if there was no food for them... and so it went...
Danan rolls around laughing 'cause she knows it's so true!

Cylinda...You are a real woman, with a real life and a real job...I once had a Doc. I worked for tell me that an organized desk means there's an organized mind behind there you have it.

Paula said...

LOL -- I'd forgotten about that, Danan. :) Too funny. Trust me, if it were up to me, mine would be all weird shaped!

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

Now that you are the MK Ministries Office Manager I will be obedient and leave a blog response as requested. However, I am not going to line my paper clips in a row. I'll leave all that to Linda. She's the organizer in the family!

Cylinda Nickel said...

LOL - You all crack me up- Linda, Chris and I shall continue in our OCD ways :)