Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oreo's Anonymous

Are you kidding me? I have gained 3 pounds? Maybe I should just wait for the next trolley to take me from my dining room table to the restroom. Maybe I should shave off my eyebrows and cut my fingernails and I would be back to my “normal” weight. Was it turning forty that spurred on the extra pounds? Or the 14 boxes of Oreos that did it? Okay Just Kidding about the Oreos-before you report me to Oreos Anonymous.

Maybe I am not drinking enough water- does opening your mouth while showering count? I mixed in ½ cup with the Macaroni and cheese mix! How about the ice that I have in my diet coke glass? Common people work with me.

I laughed today as I dragged my tubby self down the stairs. I was so into Weight Watchers just a month ago and what happened? Life changes direction, priorities get pushed to the side, or let’s just face it – it is called a lack of discipline.

How many times have we been that way in our own life?

We start out right on fire for God right after a great service. We are determined that we will pray and read our Bible daily. Then on Monday- we tell ourselves we will pray before we go to bed. Then at bedtime we promise the Lord that we will pray in the morning- after all we did pray three times over our food. Doesn’t that count?

Reading our Bible? Hmm we read a Christian Based Comic Book today, and then scanned a magazine that may have mentioned the Lord’s name in it somewhere. Does that help?

It is so easy to let life get in the way of our goals. We have to make time for the important things in our lives- God, our families, our friends, our church, our ministry.

The Bible reminds us in Matthew 6:33 (NIV) "But seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Once we make him a daily priority everything else in our lives will be balanced out. He will make it work!!How about you? Are you finding time daily to be in prayer and in is word? When was the last time you sat down and made some Godly Goals in your life? Why not start today!


Danan said...

Oh, girl....This blog entry is painful! Thanks for the reminder.

Paula said...

Boy -- that hit home. Both on the dieting and the spiritual stuff. Glad to know I'm not the only one though! :) Just never seem to have enough of those "round tu-its". Thanks for the reminder!

**LOVE the pic of the monkey...but did you HAVE to put the image of Oreo's in my head????? :P :)**

Cylinda Nickel said...

Painful for me too :)
Trolly anyone?