Wednesday, April 09, 2008

High Heels in High Places- March 30th

So this past Sunday was a little crazy. We had a potluck at church (Cylinda's contribution- sodas)- John and I teach Sunday School, then Kids Church. So I left at the end of Kids Church to go over to the speak at a ladies meeting.

They had a lunch there and then I was to speak to the ladies.

My topic was High Heels in High Places. I had the book- don't think I am that witty. So I had my outline done and Saturday Morning- The Lord was like- if they would have needed that they could have read the book. Wow- Thanks God.

So I studied for four more hours and followed His will. Talked about the Climbs in your life.

The first thing I did was give my book to the person who had the highest heels on {You have to break the ice somehow}

The Lord calls us to climb for our families- Abraham-Isaac
The Lord calls us to climb for our people -Moses- ten commandments
The Lord calls us to climb for our friends- Friends of man with palsy
The Lord Calls us to climb for our completion in Him-Prodigal Son

The prodigal son went from a give me attitude to make me attitude. The thing that brought about the change in his life was the hunger.

God is good. They were sweet ladies. May he give them More Hunger for HIM!!

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