Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Cereal Boxes
Toothpaste tubes

It doesn't matter what - I love to read
So Since I like to read-
Why am I not caught up on the 5 books that I have been dabbling in?

I have not been able to settle down to read

I know that sounds strange- I can't explain it either-
I just have this thing- I think nervous moving energy lately.

Last night-
The Lord was compelling me to read His Word.
I was thinking Hello-I have already read my Daily Bible Reading on line today (thank you computer)
He was like read-

So I open up my daily Bible by the bed
and read the passage for March 3rd

It is the story of the feeding of the 5000-
It has always been one of my favs- but you know that last night
I saw something new in it (not new to you I am sure)

For there to be a multiplication- There had to be a brokenness
The bread was broken- then multiplied

The Lord allows times of brokeness to multiply your ministry-
You were limited before in reaching one or two but with your brokenness it is unlimited-

We need to trust his hands-
His shaping
His forming in our lives

Then I thought of Hannah and all that she went through with Penninah and it was through Hannah's brokenness she was able to have Samuel- which the Lord later gave her several children!

I just about wanted to dance on my bed in rejoicing!
But that required too much energy (after my 3 mile walk last night)
So I just hugged my Bible and thanked the Lord.

Trying to pick up your pieces?
Feeling Shattered?

Hold on- you are getting ready to be multiplied!

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