Friday, March 07, 2008

Hey I don't speak your language!

On Tuesday I was running behind (really?) and got to work right at 8:28. I had two minutes to get logged in. I also only had one diet coke for the morning. When I walked up the stairs to my building. This guy is like two feet away from me and loudly starts yelling at me in some oriental tongue. (he also had his jacket draped around his shoulders like a shawl- weird much?)so....

I looked at him held my hand up and said loudly - Hey I don't speak your language. He looks and me- and looks past me - I turn around to see a 80-ish year man right behind me that he was speaking too

I slunk to my office very quietly--

I told me co-worker and we laughed until we cried at this. HE was probably thinking crazy American- I don't know what your problem is

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