Friday, February 08, 2008

I don't know about this God- 2/6/08

I am sick today-
My Mom left early as my Dad is sick in ST. Louis
I have a cold and the chills and I am at work
I have left my desk four times since 12 noon to pray
(In the bathroom stall)

If you see me face to face I will smile
I will tell you everything is going okay
I will tell you that God has it under control
and that is really how I feel

When I think about it all in my head
I just don't want my Mom to leave
I don't want to have a cold
I don't want to be transparent with people
To see their tiny smiles
To see them run into their offices when I walk by at work
I want to be invisible and not cause people to cringe
But the Lord remains firm
You are going to be used in a mighty way
Be transparent
Help others
Reach out

I remind him that the only transparent thing I like right now is tape
and I don't want to wrap any packages at the moment
Each day
I will submit
I will be transparent
I will be used
I will smile
I will be fine
and slowly you know what?
I Will be

HE is awesome
HE really does have great plans for me
The doors are bursting open even now!

Transparency for some reason
Is his key for me

I wish I could have lost my key chain

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