Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sit Down you are going to be shocked- 12/27/07

So first of all a bit of sad news- My Grandmother passed away on Christmas Night. So we will be heading out to WI on Friday. She was a strong saint of God and a great Grandmother and we will miss her- but happy for her reunion with her husband and JESUS ON CHRISTMAS!!!

Second. I took four pregnancy test (yes you are reading that correctly) and I am expecting. I know pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I about passed out too. I am 39 people. Can you spell not planned or SHOCKED???

But God has his plans and HIS plans are perfect for my life. REPEAT that 47 times a day and you too will be a believer.

We told the girls on Christmas Eve and my parents as well. None of them would believe us for like 10 minutes. John and the girls are very excited. I still can not wrap my head around it and keep having visions of being the Mom at the High School Graduation with the walker!!

And in the past two months I have lost a mother-in-law, lost a Grandmother, and found out I am 39 and prego. I am saying enough of the stress already.

January is going to be a breeze!!

Love you all-
Happy New year-

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