Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Seanna and the playground clubs 12/19/07

So some of you have asked if Seanna is as funny as Emma- and if I just forget to post stuff about Seanna. Well here is the scoop- Seanna is so logical she was born with a daytimer and a pen in hand.

She is very logical, smart, articulate, scheduled, realistic, caring, energetic, motherly and the list goes on and on and on.

Because of the fact that she is an old soul she rarely feels the need to entertain, make one laugh, or just goof off.

She loves times when she and I shop together. She recently told me that she was really having a hard time during recess at school.

Really I said



Because I don't know which club to join-


Yes- there is the playground beautification club that collect rocks and arranges them, puts flowers in nice places etc.

There is the soccer club that they just play soccer.

There is the cheerleader club that stands and does cheers- but I don't want to do that one because I don't want to get sweaty or grass on me.

There is the animal club

Animal club I say?


They sit there and talk about animals. They get the other goal post from the soccer field- sit in there and talk about every kind of animal.

I thought you were going to be a vet (again me questioning)

Mom- that was so last year- now I am not.

Oh- okay- well which one do you want to join?

I don't know - I don't want to choose one- and then the other ones get their feelings hurt-

Wow- that's a lot to think about.

I think I will just walk and look at all of them like I normally do.

Are you lonely Seanna?

Lonely? Are you kidding? I am smarter than most kids in my class Mom, I am a straight A student, and I read at a 7th grade level.

Right- but are you lonely?

Not usually

Some times?

Yes, Mom sometimes-

Seanna-we all are. (she rolls her eyes at me when I tell her this)

Mom- you are not going to give me a life lesson from this are you?

Nope- Just checking in on you.


So you see in her serious-ness she is funny. In a differnt way. She freaks me out because she is so level headed, and aware of way to much for an 8 year old.

Would I trade her for any other little girl?
Absolutely not
Do I wish I was that together when I was 8?
You had better believe it!


BTW I also asked her if you had to get inducted into a club? Got hazed etc and she just looked at me like I had four heads. (Well it was funny to me)

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