Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Modern Day Miracle!

Here is a great testimony that my aunt and uncle told me last night!!

My uncle Allen was married before marrying my aunt Mary. He had a son named Jonathan. Jonathan has a daughter named Crystal- who is a single mom who lives in a trailer with a 5,7, and 9 year old.

On Friday night the 9 year old was staying with someone else. The 5 year old woke up and could not sleep. The mother put a video in for him and went back to bed. He found some matches and started playing with them. He started the wall on fire. He ran to tell his mother and she ran out with him- at this time the whole trailer was engulfed in flames. She looked to run back in to get the 3 year old and it was almost impossible for her to get in-again because this was a trailer they burn in minutes. She looked over on the side and there was her three year old sitting in the grass wrapped in a blanket. She ran over there and asked her how she got there. She said the man came and told me it was okay- that he was there to help me- and to not be afraid. Then he ran out with her and put her in the grass and left. She said who was the man? What did he look like? She said it was an angel Mom.

So needless to say they are not church goers or believers and they were in church on Sunday. God is able to help them. The Red Cross has given them a place to live for this week and the church there in Little Rock is helping them etc. We are believing the Lord for the whole family to be saved!!

But I thought how often do things like that happen today and we don't hear about it!! God is so gracious and good to us!!

Have a great day!!

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