Monday, December 03, 2007

Top Ten Worst Places to Take a First Date with A Christians- By Kerri Pomarolli (For my single gals)

Top Ten Worst Places to Take a First Date with a Christian
(This is from Kerri's new book "How to Ruin Your Dating Life", available on and bookstores nationwide published by Nav Press)

1. Your ex's wedding.

2. 6 Day Church retreat ...couples only pre-marital getaway.

3. Monastery weekend with full vow of silence.

4. Your church youth group's latest rendition of "Chicago"

5. Your church's senior citizen's latest rendition of "Cats"... Memories...

6. Your long awaited bar mitzvah at age 25.

7. Your flag dancing ministry recital with audience participation.

8. The early bird senior buffet at your grandma's retirement home where all the food has been liquefied.

9. Bingo night at the Catholic Church after Father Willie serves communion.

10. Christian "Rockaroke Karaoke" where you're the host.

11. Your church single's group annual square dancing and hayride festival.

12. "Carmen the Champion" on ice.

13. The local Stryper Cover Band "Stripper" (they are not quite saved).

14. Your parents' basement to watch your old football videos from 7th grade, the one day you got play; followed by your mother's slide show of your naked baby pictures.

15. A relaxing day at your house looking at old photo albums of you and all your ex's, sharing all the gory details of every break up.

16. Your group therapy session "How to get over your spiritual bondages with God".

17. The Christian Star Trek Convention "Live Eternally and Prosper".

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