Friday, October 05, 2007

Can someone pass me the tube? My toothpaste just fell out- September 26th

Some times in my life- My walk with God is beautiful. It all fits in a perfect box- even wrapped in a perfect red bow….and other times it similar to the frustration of fitting all of the toothpaste back into the tube.

Sometimes I wish I had bite-sized answers for the hard questions in life. Answers that make sense when life around you does not. But it does not work that way “For Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” So life can get messy.
Messy things like- a mother caring for a new child
Your mother in law in the hospital again
News of a husband leaving a wife-and seeing their children hurting
Answering a 6 year old as to why an airplane would fly into a building

My decision….even when it is messy I am going to still follow hard after Him.

We hate the response of “no.” Next February I will be married for 10 years. I have asked the Lord something for the past 10 years…and am still asking him and the answer has always been no.
I can stop asking (I doubt I will) or I can learn that I will know when he says yes. Why does he say no? I don’t know but it’s okay because he has a great track record with me!

I say “no” to my girls a lot. I sometimes cause a little hurt in their life. Let’s take “hair time” for example. The tangles hurt as they come out but I see the long term goal of them looking beautiful. My six year old thinks she is old enough to cross the road without holding my hand but I have to say no- because I see the big picture. They get frustrated when I don’t let them eat a snack right before dinner but I know that dinner is more important.

Do they hate me because I say no? Absolutely not- Do you know why? I have a great track record with them. I am the one who tugs at tangles but bandages and kisses their skinned knees. I am the one who insist on hand holding in traffic, but giggles with them and plays American Girl Doll even when I am tired. I say no to snacks but I provide a well balanced meal (some nights) for them to eat.

Is that too simple? Maybe – but faith is simple. It is knowing that the Lord of your life has your best interest in heart. He has plans for you and is directing you to them daily. Faith is taking a leap and suspending belief long enough to for him to prove who he really is.
He wants to meet us on our journey. He is willing to take 10,000 steps towards us if we take one tiny baby step? Is he worth the risk? You had better believe it- Follow Hard after him.
Anything in life that is worth doing- is worth doing with passion, with all of your might!
Love you all I am off to General Conference tonight!

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