Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sea- Section ~ June 15, 2007

On the way to drop off the girls today this was the conversation

Emma- Mom I don't want to be a girl

Cylinda-Well you are one

Emma- Well I don't want to have babies

Cylinda-Well we don't need to worry about that today

Emma-Well I don't want babies because when I am done my bottom will hurt

Cylinda-Hmm...well let's not think about that today

Emma-Well if I do- I'll just have a Sea-Section
Do you know why they call them that Mama?


Emma-Because the babies are used to being in water and they tell the babies I won't cut you - I am taking you out of your Mommy in a Sea-Section and they think they are just going to stay in the water.

Do you understand now mama?

Seanna- Wow That makes Sense Emma

Cylinda-Okay we are at Sarah's House let's all get out of the car (thanking God)

Emma-(sticking her head back in the car) Mama when you have a baby the regular way- do they give you big pieces of toilet paper to wipe after

Cylinda- The biggest Emma- Have a great day-

Gotta love the 6 year olds!!!

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Melinda said...

Oh! So the baby will think it's staying in the water and not kick and scream and build a fortress angry at being removed. I understand!
(To follow a sentence like that with "I have to go to work. I'm teaching PreSchool today" just doesn't seem right or Christian.)