Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nosy people at a place that rhymes with Darget....and the gift.... May 8, 2007

So yesterday during lunch...I head to my favorite place in the world...(outside of other favorite places in the world that is) .....TARGET!!

I love cruising through the end caps looking for the great markdowns etc. I was also on a secret mission. I have been looking at two pictures for my living room since December. There they are ....just yearning for me to buy them. Yesterday to my horror...They were down to just two (you have to buy both...they’re a set) I have the Target lady dressed in her red and tan to call the other stores...Nope they are last ones in CHARLOTTE.

I can't justify spending that money on myself as I was only END CAP just light a bolt of lightening...I think...Sunday is Mother's Day...Call John.

I pick up my trusty cell phone...It had a signal (miracle alone in Targets) and get through to John (second miracle it MUST BE GOD'S WILL)...and say.. Uh HI honey...are you busy? He said well I am at work so I am kinda busy that's what I get paid for (I ignored the sarcasm as I was preparing for my plea)...

Well you know how Mother's Day is coming up and...

(let me point out to you at this point ....that for some reason I attract crowds. I think it’s because of the -they think I am crazy element- or they are looking for a good story....or they are bored and want some gossip?? but I had 3 ladies standing there giving me the thumbs up)

continuing on to the conversation....

and ...well I have been looking at the same pictures since December and all of the stores are down to only 1 set left and ...(He now interupts my plea) How much are they?? ...Well I gulp a lot... The ladies are now mouthing you can do it. (I am thinking they really need to go and price diapers)....But you know if I get these for Mothers Day and everything you don't even have to buy me a card, or wrap a gift (I was going for the juggler at this point). He said fine. How much are they. I said too much. I love you SOOO much honey. I hang up the phone to 3 clapping women. I was bracing myself for hugs...but none came.

The one helped me pick up the two heavy pictures and put them into my cart...she told me Happy Mother's Day...and moved on. I I maybe look like I am special needs person that I attract people?


In thinking this over on the way back to work...I thought...why do people -perfect strangers- get so excited about gifts. Maybe it's the warm memory that it evokes in their own past...or brings to a place of happiness once again.

The Lord has a lot to say about gifts. In fact he has gobs of them for you. YOU in fact have gifts that I don't have...and I have gifts that you don't have.

The Amplified Bible says in I Corinthians 12:11

"All these {Gifts, achievements, abilities}are inspired and brought to pass by one and the same {Holy} Spirit, Who apportions to each person individually {exactly}as He chooses.

He has chosen perfect gifts for you. Some of you are born soul winners, some of you can sing the house down, some of you have the gift of encouragement, some of you have the gift of teaching, mentoring, and serving.

What are you doing with your gift today? Have you been hurt while using it? Did you give in to fear shove it to the back of your closet? Have you given up on the promise that came with your you discarded the gift as well?

Not only does HE need you to pick it back up, dust it off, and use it, WE the body need you.

Don’t let fears, hesitations, worry, doubt in your own ability cause you to question your abilities, calling. I want to stand and rejoice with you on the other side when HE shows back the DVD of your life and we stand in amazement at what HE has done THROUGH YOU...WITH YOUR GIFT!!

So today...Stand Strong! Stand Strong in your calling, your abilities, and even in your silly quirks...cause HE has great doors that he is going to open so wide a troop of soldiers won’t even be able to get them shut!
By the way...the pictures...they are going to look great in my living room. But do you know what I love even more? The love that they were given to me with...With out even a tone of hesitation my Honey Said Yes!!

This blog has not been brought to you by Target or its team members. However one day while wearing a khaki skirt and red t-shirt I joined the early morning team meeting and every one welcomed me...

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