Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cracked Pots....May 8th, 2007

This morning...While looking at my swollen face and calling in "sick" to my boss I thought you look just like a cracked pot.

Emma was helping feeding the fish before I got home from work yesterday and had fish food all over. They cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed before I got home. Last night before going to bed....I see what I think is Fruity Pebbles on the counter and clean them up.

Here's a note- If you think they are Fruity Pebbles it might just be FISH FOOD. So I went to bed- woke up in the middle of the night vomiting and this morning my face was swollen and I looked like a monster.

In case you don't know I am deadly allergic to sea food and fresh water fish. To the point of if I eat French fries fried in the same oil as fish - I die.

When I Die please do an autopsy and check for fish oil Kidding. John LOVES ME...


SO I am at home LOOKING LIKE a cracked pot...and I start thinking about cracked pots....and about one time that I was speaking at an AR Ladies convention.

I spoke on cracked pots...and how the Lord Loves Broken vessels. He loves to fix with them...the word Sincera- Without wax etc. (I know you all have heard it a 1000 times)

One lady came up to me afterwards and told me something that I will never forget. She said as a child she was abused, as a grown lady she married and was abused, she felt like a failure as a Mother to her children and felt worthless.

She said that truly was a cracked pot. That she did not even know where to get the pieces to put herself back together again. She decided to read one chapter of the Bible a day...and pray 5 minutes a day...that she could manage that. She said that each day...she started to notice she wanted to stay longer and longer in the Word, her family started to see a change in her...people started treating her different.

I stood and cried before you. You see she was a great woman of God. I would have never thought she had such a hurtful past. She had been a help and strength to me so many times.

Broken pieces are what he uses best. It's the shadows of the painting that make it appear real.

I will never forget the illustration that I heard of a man going to Israel and looking to buy some pottery before he left. HE entered into a small shop and finally found one on the top shelf he liked. It had streaks of red through-out it and was beautiful. He stopped and asked the craftsman. How much is that? I want that one. No matter the cost I will pay it- I have to have it. The potter said that...oh no that is not for sale. That was the hardest piece of clay that I had. I tried to shape it and it would not shape. I even left it from time to time and came back to it. Finally one day I knew I had to shape it. I found that in the clay were pieces of glass and stone that cut my hands. My hands began to bleed. But then an amazing thing happened as my blood went into the clay it softened it and it became shapeable. So you see- the red in that vessel is my blood. I was able to shape it because of that sacrifice.

You might feel like a cracked pot today...but the MASTER POTTER...has already paid the price. He has formed you and shaped you. He can put the pieces back together in your life. He will make you whole! He’s not letting you go!! You were purchased with his blood. YOU are his creation and he loves you!!

Rest in HIS LOVE today!

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