Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grow What You've Got.....June 19, 2007

Grow what you’ve got….

As you know if you read my Blogs my drive to work is an hour and 20 minutes in the Am and similar in the pm. Needless to say I am always on the look out for things to entertain me. Today was no different!

At one stoplight in particular that I stop at daily- There is a large yard in front of a business. The office building itself was probably the biggest thing in 1974 but not since ?

Today….I noticed this guy who was probably 20ish was going over and hooking up a hose around the side of the building. He had it hooked to a sprinkler. I looked at the patch of grass there. To use the word grass is being liberal! It looked more like a 4 foot by 3 foot patch of leprosy ridden grass. Since this area is right next to the bus stop- the grass strands were few and far between- yet this man had the vision to water, and to tend its needs. I hoped he would look my way….finally he did and I gave him the thumbs up sign. I know he thinks I am nuts…but while watching him it came to me…He was growing what he had.

He was watering what had been given to him. Many would have overlooked this area and said- we will try to sod- or re-seed this in the fall- but he was working with what he had been given.

How many times are we given a talent, a group of people to work with, an area in our life and we neglect it. When it gets bigger we will work on it. When it is a more notable thing we will attach our name to it. When it becomes something that people will admire from afar then we will claim ownership.

Despise not the day of small things the Lord told us. It is the small acorn that grows the mighty oaks, the buds that create beautiful flower arrangements, and the mosaic tiles that become masterpieces.

What has God put inside of you- that lays dormant? What have you neglected? Not watered? What group of people can you impact that others would overlook? Pick up the watering can of his spirit today and grow what you’ve got….after all you are not responsible for the increase-he is!!

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Melinda said...

These are so good that I'm running out of comments. I'll just say "Grass!" and start eating it like Nebuchadnezzer.