Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Car Conversations on Friday the 13th- July 13, 2007

Today...While on the ROAD again...we go into our routine. We pull out of the driveway into the neighborhood....do our morning prayers....Seanna says her Bible verse that she is working on this week (I know I am a stickler- weird Mom) then Emma says her verse she is working on.

Seanna says hers. Emma says. I am not not saying mine today. I said what? She said nope- I have been saying it all week. You know I know it, Seanna knows I know it and JESUS knows I know it..... and that's enough.

I said well you still need to say it anyway. She crossed her arms and said each word tersely though her pinched lips. I said great job Emma. I knew you could do it. She said- Let's Not talk about it any more Mama....really!


I know that those memory verses can wear you out!!

This Tote bag has nothing to do with this blog but I literally always have two or three bags of stuff around and I Love this one!

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Melinda said...

Emma's words. My philosophy of life 12 hours every day. "You know I know it. Seanna knows I know it. And Jesus knows I know it!" Can't the world let the drama queens rest in peace? Goodness!