Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scratch and Sniff Pizza T-shirts, Cloud Swimsuits, and Dented Hair.

For some reason today- memories flooded back to me of some of the horrible things I wore to school.

1. My scratch and sniff pizza T-shirt.
2. For Swimming class - my blue and white polyester cloud swimsuit with matching cloud coverup-
3. Green and red polyester dress (dress was green with red/green striped collar and sleeves) this was worn all throughout the year.
4. In 5th grade I had to do my own hair- (yep it was as bad as it sounded) and I put my hair clip in the same place every day- until it was like a permanent ridge in my hair.
5. My Country Day School White and Orange T-shirt with an A-line polyester black skirt.

Are you seeing a theme yet? All things Polyester Lived in My House. Might have been my era. I bet it cut down on ironing. Did I mention I grew up in St. Croix - USVI- as in HOT all year.

I am pictured above with my best friend Troy, my brother Steve (holding Tiny), and my lovely red and green polyester dazzle outfit. Don't be a hater. You can get your own polyester and sweat too! BTW what is up with the yellow hair clips and blue bows? Full rainbow effect on my head! 


Kathy McElhaney said...

You really made me laugh here ~ because I remember some lovely polyester of my own! Mom didn't have to iron a thing for years.

And I think I did my hair the same way (the hair clip in the same place, not the yellow hair clips and blue bows!)

Girly Muse said...

You look like you're being quite the Diva with the outfit you're saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. No, don't you dare."

Paula said...

Love this! I, being of a little different era (hehe), do not remember the polyester so much, but for me, it was banana curls. And glasses so big they covered my whole face. :)