Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm digging that little piece of hope out of my pocket.... and remembering

I see the tiny two year old holding the soothing part of her blanket to her face and rubbing it. She then quickly puts it back in her big dress pocket and holds unto it tight. Not wanting to let it go. It is her security, her safe spot, and essentially represents all that is good in her life. It is her little peace of hope

Some days you have to remember the HUGE PLANS that HE whispers to you at night when you call on HIS name.You have to dig the little piece of hope out of your pocket and rub it on your face again. When is it vital to do this?

Days when you go to four craft stores to find black core board.
Days when you cut out letters with an exacto knife until you can't feel your index finger.
Days when you know your emails come in faster than go out.
Days when laundry is not done.
Days when you just need to pause to get into HIS word.
Days when you can't get out of the house because of the phone calls.
Days when there is no food in the house because you have not stopped to get it.
Days when you list are longer than the time.

Its days like today that I stop- Exhale- and inhale HIM. I get my little piece of hope out of my pocket- and give it back to God. All of my dreams, my visions, the things I think HE said we would do together. I put those things tightly into my hand and quickly tuck them into my heart.

As a child I remember praying all the time that God would use me.
I remember crying for my friends because they did not know about Jesus like I did.
I remember memorizing sermons on tapes until my parents would finally pay me not to listen to them.
I remember being struck by such a strong passions for others that I would go through toys and give away only my favorites.

I prayed today that in all of my movement of life I will not forget that passion. That I would still desire MORE of God and less of things- as I so aptly heard on Sunday.

I pray for you today that God tugs on your heart and puts ripples of desire for more of  HIM. He is all that matters. His work, His plans, His will. Life is but a vapor- But he is permanent. Hold on tight.


ACL said...

I always love reading your posts Cylinda! miss you....I think we need to organize something for you to come to Spain :)

Amy said...

THANK YOU!!! I soooo needed to hear that today. Sometimes life just seems so stressful, unsure and frustrating. I was a blankie kid, and so are my babies, so I completely relate to that safe spot. Thanks for the reminder that God is in control! xoxo

Paula said...

So thankful for that little piece of HOPE! Love ya!

Renee said...

Thank you. You spoke to me today.