Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Few Good Women

I sit today and type in tears of thankfulness for the women that God has brought into my life.

Two adorable daughters that think they are women
A great loving Mother
Two Godly Grandmothers
2 incredible Sister in Laws
3 amazingly talented, beautiful, glorious nieces
and friends that are here, there, and dot the face of the map.

To you women I salute you today

You have my heart
My blessing
My prayers
My respect
My laughter
My tears
My love
and My promise that I will remain your friend.

I prayed to God over the past few days that he would ease the burden for some of you, that he would make crooked paths straight, that he would take away the cancer, that he will provide for you financially, that he would take away the pain, that he would mend your marriage, that he would make the feeling of separation be less painful, that he would speak hope into your life, and let you know that he holds your children's hearts- all the while that you are holding their hands.

I don't know why I have been so emotional the past few days. At times of heaviness of your situations has enveloped me and I have had to stop and pray to find release to continue on with my days work.

I will tell you this-

We serve a huge God
A God that is compassionate
That loves us
He cares about the very weights
The burdens
The pain
The things that we all carry
and that rest on our shoulders

He is there to bring us
a future
and into a greater dimension in him.

He will provide for us

He will continue to lift our loads
Give us smiles
Open up just the right doors when he sees fit

So to all of my special friends- and you know who you are
I am standing on the sidelines today
Cheering you on
Knowing that this is just one step of the race
You are going to continue
and you are going to win!

And do you know what? I will be the one at the finish line with a huge smile, wearing a button with your picture on it. I believe in you- but I believe greater in a God that believes in you!

Thank you God for blessing me with such a prize as this- A few good women in my life!


Vickie said...

Enjoyed your blog, as I always do, but I don't always leave you a comment. I love you girl and thank you for all you do for our MK's. You are the greatest. The three of you have put faces on the MKM and we do appreciate it.

Vickie R.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Well YOU all are my heroes! Thanks for all you do!!

Girly Muse said...

I have tears in MY eyes reading are such a remarkable woman...a true example of grace, humor and beauty to women of every age.

Thank you for sharing your heart. God was speaking through you.

Love you, Cylinda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Enough said!

Renee said...

It went on as anonymous, so for your knowledge, Thank you is from me! Love you!